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Maciej Lukianski

Droptica Co-Founder
Maciej is Dropitca's co-founder. He is a self-taught programmer who worked as a PHP developer for many years before moving to a management role. Maciej is also a speaker at conferences in Poland and wider Europe. Maciej's background in business and finance helps him understand the Client perspective and makes him a great Client partner and advocate in Droptica. In his free time he likes to ski or ride his mountain bike.

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Drupal Multisite - When, How and Why. The Ultimate Guide to Managing Multiple Drupal Websites

Drupal can be configured to serve multiple websites from one codebase. Such a Drupal installation is called a multisite. The ability to use one Drupal to run multiple websites is great, but on the other hand, requires some considerations. In this article, I will discuss Drupal multisite in detail to give you an in-depth, complete understanding of how multisite works, why it is used, when it makes sense and when to avoid it

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Why do we automate software development? 

Quality is one of the principles that we uphold at Droptica. We want to create the best software, in line with our clients’ requirements - efficient, error-free and cost-effective. In this post, I am going to tell you about one of the most crucial factors impacting the quality of the software we develop - automation of the software development process. We are enthusiastic supporters of automation.

Improving Drupal performance by 80%

Drupal is a bit famous for the number of database queries done against a database. When there are thousands of concurrent users to be served, the database can quickly turn into a major bottleneck. This was the case with - a very popular website with recipes. The website is visited by millions of enthusiasts of cooking. When we started our cooperation with KwestiaSmaku, we initially focused on adding new features and functionalities to the website.

How to create a custom entity in Drupal 8

Entity API in Drupal 8 is now baked into core and is now so well organised that there is almost no excuse for creating database tables, which are not entities at the same time. If you are serious about Drupal development, check this article below. Entities in Drupal really rock! If you create an entity you get Views integration for free, you can allow the entity to be fieldable and this will out or the box allows you to add various fields to it.

Our website is now on Drupal 8

For the last couple of months, we worked on our new website in Drupal 8. It took time because client work always takes precedence. But we finally did it! Here is the story. Design stage As with any new marketing website, we split the project into stages. First, we developed a content strategy - what do we really want to say and why? We wanted to avoid ad-hoc decisions done during development or design stages.

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