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Droptica Co-Founder
Maciej is Dropitca's co-founder. He is a self-taught programmer who worked as a PHP developer for many years before moving to a management role. Maciej is also a speaker at conferences in Poland and wider Europe. Maciej's background in business and finance helps him understand the Client perspective and makes him a great Client partner and advocate in Droptica. In his free time he likes to ski or ride his mountain bike.

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Drupal Multisite - When, How and Why. The Ultimate Guide to Managing Multiple Drupal Websites

Drupal can be configured to serve multiple websites from one codebase. Such a Drupal installation is called a multisite. The ability to use one Drupal to run multiple websites is great, but on the other hand, requires some considerations. In this article, I will discuss Drupal multisite in detail to give you an in-depth, complete understanding of how multisite works, why it is used, when it makes sense and when to avoid it

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How to plan a business website redesign

Modern websites in big organisations are important pieces of business processes. Redesigning or rebuilding them is usually a complex project which has to be meticulously planned to be done right. It often comes as a surprise even to the companies themselves just how important the website is and how many things have to be taken into account. I want to offer a summary of how to go about preparing and planning your website redesign.

Tablein - a React frontend on a Drupal backend

React is fantastic for building super fast and slick frontend applications. It is great for building UIs for complex data-intensive backends. In this post, I will show how we used React to build a modern application for a Drupal 7 system. TableIn is a restaurant reservation management system used by clients all over the world. The core system was built on Drupal 7 and is serving the customers with great success. Initially, TableIn came to us for our Drupal support service.

Why every business needs a great website

We’re now quite deep into the 21st century. We are reaching a moment when advertising money spent online will surpass off-line. It is now obvious that to succeed in business a company needs a corporate website. As Bill Gates famously put it: “If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business”. Every company has to have a website and indeed almost every company has one. The world, however, moves forward. It is not enough to just have a website anymore.

How Drupal support works in Droptica

In my previous post, I described why we created a separate Drupal support team. In this post, I will describe how our Drupal support team works. Objectives of the Drupal support team Drupal support team in Droptica has 3 main objectives: 1. Keep all the websites up and running Many of our customers rely on their websites being operational. Often the applications we maintain run or are the core of the business of our clients.

A separate team supports live Drupal websites

For the past half a year we were working on setting up an organised and structured support team in Droptica. I can now happily say that our Drupal support is top notch. In this post, I will explore a bit why we created a separate support team.  Droptica started as a typical software development company, with a group of drupal developers, who were working on the tasks at hand. This could be a new website for a client or a new feature for an existing website.

Why you should start a business blog?

Over the last few years, we could see business blogs popping up all over the internet. While builting corporate websites for our clients, we typically also create a blog. I bet most of your competitors run their own blogs, so you’re probably wondering whether to create one. Read on to find out why you should start a business blog.  Having a business blog comes with many advantages, such as better ranking position, growing your brand visibility and attracting new customers.

Progressive web app on Symfony and Angular

Training Realm offers unique fitness training routines. They asked us for an application for their users. Till now, training routines were posted as static pages and users had to calculate training days and remember results by themselves. The aim of the app was to make it easy for everyone to plan training days and progress automatically without having to remember about routines yourself. Requirements gathering We started the project with requirements gathering phase.

Tools for testing website responsiveness on a budget

Even an experienced designer can meet some common problems when creating a website, as there are many challenges to overcome. For instance, when it comes to displaying the website properly across various devices. Are there any effective ways to make things easier?  The number of devices people use nowadays to browse the internet is a nightmare for web developers and designers. That’s why, before you decide to publish your site, you need to test its responsiveness first.

Drupal outsourcing - How to find the best team

Drupal is fantastic for all sorts of websites and applications. Drupal excels especially at large, complex content projects. If you know what you are doing, you can often cut development time substantially compared to other tools made for the same purpose.  Drupal's versatility, however, is a 2-edged sword. With great flexibility, extensive API and an abundance of modules created by the community, it takes a long time to get up to speed.

How to use React with Drupal

React.js is a very popular JavaScript framework created by Facebook. It allows you to build beautiful, interactive and fast interfaces, with which users will fall in love. Drupal, on the other hand, is a fantastic CMS with you can build small, medium and huge websites.   Sometimes you want to pair the two frameworks together - offer sophisticated Drupal backend, and a slick, quick frontend based on React.

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