DrupalCon Nashville 2018

Top 10 best lectures at DrupalCon Nashville 2018

At the last DrupalCon in Nashville, you could hear a lot of interesting lectures. I have chosen ten lectures for you, which I consider to be one of the most interesting. You can find the entire playlist of DrupalCon lectures at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpeDXSh4nHjRRbzQW5D6PQVFPrTuh5y8m
Below are some of the lectures you cannot miss.

1. Weather.com’s Project Moonracer – Decoupled User Interfaces

This session will show you how the Weather.com team manages content. An interesting lecture for everyone who plans big changes in the content editing interface in their project.


2. Media module in core: Setting up a Drupal 8 media library

Media in the Drupal core. Using media with Drupal has never been easier. After this session, you will know how to use the Media module in Drupal 8 in your projects.


3. Creating a modern web application

DrupalCon is not only about Drupal. During this session, you will learn how to create a modern web application using Symfony, Doctrine, ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, Ant Design and DVA.


4. Build banging sites with BPM: Bricks, Paragraphs and Modifiers

An interesting lecture for site builders. In this presentation, you will learn how to create flexible pages using tools such as Bricks, Paragraphs and Modifiers.


5. Everybody Loves Performance: Easy Audits and Low-Hanging Fruit

In this presentation, you will learn about some useful tools for testing your website’s performance and what to look for in particular.


6. How Memory Works in PHP and its Hidden Costs

A session for PHP programmers. In this presentation, you will learn a little about how PHP uses memory when it runs your code.



7. How Layout Builder will change everything

Layout Builder is another module that will be included in the Drupal core. The module is still included among the “experimental” modules, but it is worth keeping an eye on it now and see its possibilities ahead of time.



8. Crazy Tricks with Views

Some interesting examples using plug-ins and hooks to create your own filters, manipulate view results, or create facet views that go beyond the ready-made widgets.



9. Drupal 8, where did the code go? From info hook to the plugin

A session for those who program in Drupal 7 and haven’t yet moved to Drupal 8. In this session, you will learn about the differences in creating things such as blocks between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.



10. Advanced Configuration Management in Drupal 8

Configuration management in Drupal 8 is now available in Drupal core. A lot of people still use Features in Drupal 8, but from this presentation, you will learn how to manage the configuration for multi-site pages and you will learn about the modules useful for configuration management.


DrupalCon’s lectures are always at a very high level and interesting for a drupal developer, which is why it is worth going to the next big conference – DrupalEurope 2018. In Germany, you will be able to listen live to equally interesting lectures on Drupal and more – coming up in September!

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