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11 lectures worth seeing at DrupalCamp London 2019

DrupalCamp London 2019 is approaching fast. Are you ready for another great time with Drupal? This year, 42 sessions on Drupal and related topics are scheduled. This is a really tasty bit for any Drupal developer who can come. We hope, that with our help, you will choose the most promising lectures. Below are a few sessions you should definitely visit. We've picked topics both for experienced coders and beginners, as well as something for business owners, editors, marketers and others. 

1. Visual regression testing  


This talk will cover:

  • BackstopJS for visual regression testing on Pattern Lab patterns on a Drupal 8 theme. 
  • How to set up regression testing for each pattern and for the entire pattern library and the problems you could run into when setting up regression testing for patterns. 
  • The benefits of using this approach.

To take a part in this session, it’s best to have basic knowledge of how the integration of Drupal and Pattern Lab works. 

2. No Monkey Business Static Progressive Web Apps


This talk will cover:

  • An overview of the architecture used to deliver ii.co.uk.
  • How the GatsbyJS was used to generate static content from Drupal and other dynamic sources.
  • How these pages were further hydrated with React for dynamic content after the initial page load.
  • The custom cache handling implemented to keep content build pipelines.
  • Division of the responsibilities for content generation between GatsbyJS and Drupal.
  • Resolving the real-time preview issue without waiting for Gatsby's upcoming hosted paid preview service.

3. Layouts in Drupal: past, present and future


This talk will cover:

  • The history of building layouts in Drupal. 
  • Using Node reference (CCK), Nodequeue and custom template to build newspaper and magazine style layouts in Drupal 5. 
  • Having a look at "page builders" like Panels, Context and Block Visibility Groups. 
  • Dividing into CSS Grid layouts and using plugins like Masonry and GridStack for more advanced grid style layouts. 
  • Alternative approaches like Paragraphs, ECK/IEF and Bricks to create custom layouts. 
  • The pros and cons of these layout approaches and if and why they are now outdated.
  • New Layout Builder and some possible new approaches for building layouts in Drupal.

4. Creating an enterprise level editorial experience for Drupal 8 using React


This talk will cover:

  • Recent project results where a decoupled application with React was created, allowing the edition of content directly in the frontend. Using the possibilities of React to the fullest. 
  • Sharing an editorial experience with 'in-place' editing, 'context-sensitive' editing, 'drag-n-drop' content placement and creation, and much more.
  • Presentation of the application and vision of what an enterprise level editorial experience should look like.
  • What to expect when going fully decoupled with editorial experience and how this approach fits into the development of Drupal.

5. Migrate to Drupal


The talk will cover:

  • Migrations in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8
  • Effective communication to project stakeholders
  • Writing and running efficient migrations

To take a part in this session, it’s best to have basic PHP coding skills and understanding of Drupal site building.

6. Droopler distribution - How can you save even 100 man-days during the development of a new website with Drupal


Maciej Lukianski will show you that you don't have to possess a budget of over ten thousand dollars if you need Drupal 8.

This talk will cover:

  • Droopler modules.
  • What paragraphs Droopler can offer to build your new page fast.
  • How simple it is to build a new landing page with Droopler in a live demo.
  • What ideas we have for the future functionalities of Droopler.

7. Drupal 8 SEO


This talk will cover:

  • Drupal modules, Google tools and external tools and how to use them to prepare an SEO strategy.
  • How to plan an SEO strategy for your website and how to compare your website with the competition.

8. Out of the Box Initiative Update


This talk will cover:

  • The project in the past and present state of the initiative.
  • Targets for inclusion in Drupal 8.7.0
  • Ways to contribute to the project.
  • Plans for the more distant future.

9. Scrum everywhere - how we implemented Scrum not only in software development projects


This talk will cover:

  • Using Scrum in the marketing team.
  • Using Scrum in QA team to improve software testing in the whole company.
  • Using Scrum for company management.
  • Using Scrum for the training of junior developers.

10. Accessibility in UX Design: How we redesigned The University of West London’s website for everyone


This talk will cover:

  • Importance of accessibility in design, showcasing examples from industry giants such as Microsoft.
  • Highlights of accessible design.

11. How to start contributing to Drupal without code


This talk will cover:

  • Non-code contributions and impactful ways to get involved in the Drupal project.
  • How to get started.


The talks presented by us are just a small part of what you will learn during DrupalCamp London 2019. Undoubtedly, the selection of the most important presentations out of 42 proposals is a real challenge. Perhaps the above list will help you choose. Certainly, the level of the conference will be as always deliberately high. Therefore, surely everyone will leave London with a huge dose of knowledge of Drupal innovations.

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