Which Popular Companies Use Symfony?

Which Popular Companies Use Symfony?

Are you wondering how to choose the right technology to build a business solution for your company? Symfony has been used to create many amazing solutions for enterprises from various industries. Find out which popular companies use this framework in their projects.

Symfony in business projects

Symfony is an open-source technology. In practice, this means that there's a huge community around it that develops the software and supports each other in overcoming the challenges of programming in the PHP language. This framework is well-documented and used by many popular brands.

Advantages of using Symfony

Why Symfony and not some other framework will be appropriate for your project?

  1. The layered architecture (MVC) makes programming and managing the application convenient and simple. Introducing changes in one place doesn't require you to modify large chunks of code. Making changes in the part visible to the Internet user is much cheaper and easier, thanks to the fact that the view layer is separated from the model layer.
  2. Symfony allows you to create entire applications or only specific elements, making it an ideal technology for both those who want to create a solution from scratch, and those who want to add specific functionalities to the existing code.
  3. Symfony includes built-in tools for testing the application being created. You can then build a solution that is in accordance with the goals of Test-Driven Development. Thanks to this, the process of creating business solutions is efficient.
  4. The users of this PHP framework can benefit from the help and support of the large community developing Symfony.
  5. It’s a flexible framework enabling the creation of personalised solutions. The numerous components make it possible to adapt a website or application to the specific expectations of the user. They can be easily integrated with other platforms.

Which industries can benefit from using this PHP framework?

Research shows that Symfony is most often used to create solutions for clients in the healthcare sector (the data show that they make up as much as 23% of the companies using Symfony) and IT. The framework is also appreciated in e-commerce, because it enables easy and quick development of sales platforms, integration with social media and implementation of various payment methods.

The biggest famous brands around the world use Symfony for their projects. Some use PHP and this popular framework to create websites that are engaging for users, others build advanced applications and tools that improve the daily work of the company. Corporations use Symfony to add new functionalities to their solutions. Facebook is among the most well-known companies using Symfony. API of the Facebook Ads application and the Instant Articles SDK technology are built with Symfony components. Thanks to Symfony, effective tools for marketing automation (e.g. Mautic), CMS and CRM systems used by most companies every day, as well as other tools facilitating the management of the company and its resources were also created.


In 2015, the Spotify brand published on its official profile, concerning the use of technology and product development, a tweet confirming that it was using Symfony. Spotify uses Symfony to manage its users' accounts – the statistics show that the streaming platform had as many as 286 million active users in 2020.


PHP frameworks are used relatively often to create booking applications. Symfony was used to build the BlablaCar platform, enabling joint travel by private cars and sharing the travel costs, which is extremely popular in Poland. This example shows that Symfony is in fact regarded as a full-stack framework as the brand uses it for both the frontend and backend of the website and mobile application. The Blablacar website had over 87 million registered users in 2020. The brand has a website using the local domain in every country it operates in.


Another Symfony-based booking application that serves millions of users, allowing for comparing hotel accommodation prices, is owned by the Trivago company. Symfony allows for providing Internet users with the best user experience when they search and compare offers, by creating numerous functionalities on the page. The page is integrated with many websites and enables advanced filtering of offers. Trivago also has a technical blog with articles about working with Symfony.


Like Spotify, Dailymotion is a streaming service, only it offers access to videos instead of music. It’s one of the most well-known websites of this type, visited by millions of users every day. The Dailymotion company created its website in PHP, and after a few years they decided to abandon the framework they created in favour of Symfony.

Why did Dailymotion choose Symfony? The team decided to switch to the open source Symfony framework in order to focus more on business development, instead of time-consuming work on developing its framework (adding new functionalities, creating the documentation, and carrying out comprehensive training courses for team members). As adding new functionalities is the daily routine of Dailymotion developers, the company decided to choose Symfony, which is known for making them easier to create thanks to its components.

Why should your company consider using PHP and Symfony?

Symfony is a technology chosen by well-known companies around the world to implement projects of various types. You can use this PHP framework to develop your existing solutions or build them from scratch. It’ll allow you to create a high-quality engaging website for your clients, regardless of whether you represent the B2C or B2B sector. Symfony is great irrespective of what industry you represent – its flexibility allows you to create solutions tailored to the individual needs of the company.

If you want to learn more about Symfony development services, check out our website. You can also read more about PHP development services and other technologies that you can use in your next project.

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