User Experience Design

User Experience and interface design

The user experience is an integral part of the products we create. We make sure that the people using our software can do it intuitively. The visual side of projects is also important to us. We make every effort to ensure that the applications work perfectly - not only in technical terms - we also want them to be attractive to users due to their refined appearance.

Expertise in user experience design

We owe our level of expertise to the many projects we have carried out. We have the knowledge and skills needed to create designs for companies from various industries and sectors. Regardless of whether it is the financial, food, lifestyle or sports industry, we always provide the right design. For us, each new project is a challenge, as well as an opportunity to explore new layers of creativity.

If you want to improve your fitness, you should try the Training Realm application. Thanks to this product, you will improve your results when doing exercises such as push-ups, squats or sit-ups. Extensive training programmes, combined with modern technology, make everyday workouts more pleasant, and monitoring your progress becomes a pleasure.


Droopler is open-source software that allows you to easily and quickly create an advanced website using Drupal. Using Droopler, you can create a company website, a blog, an event website, or any other. The large database of available sections will allow you to create a website that meets your expectations.


A website of one of the largest Polish Catholic publishing houses. For several years now we have been taking care of this website from both the technical and visual side. Lately, we had the pleasure to design and implement the mobile version of this website. We focused on making the purchase process to run smoothly and to bring the best possible user experience.


We design good User Experience

We focus our work on providing software where the use of it will be a pleasure. We build websites and applications the use of which is intuitive and effective. Only software of this quality can meet its business goals. We provide our clients with a product that holds a competitive advantage of which can be already seen at the stage of its look and usability.

What we do?


Design for websites

If you have an idea for a new website for your product or company, we would very much like to carry out your project. We will design a visually attractive website based on a well- prepared UX. By taking into consideration many factors, such as: modern look and functions, the ability to work on different devices, and comfortable use, we provide bespoke projects that meet the goals set before them.



Websites redesign

The redesigning of existing websites is among the services we offer. Our specialists can improve existing websites both in terms of UI design and user experience. Our experience allows us to identify problems and errors on websites and improve the features that work properly so that the final effect can be the best one possible.

UX is the key element of good applications

We start software development by analysing the client's needs. On this basis, we build the application's functional diagrams and architecture. Well-planned user experiences are based on intuitive operation and positive impressions. This is the first step of a project and has a key impact on the entire application.

PHP website building

Refined UI is a key element

Users want applications that are both good-looking and modern. We do our best to meet these requirements at Droptica. We monitor the contemporary design industry, providing solutions that are fresh and consistent with current trends. UI is the part of the project that the user sees. It is important to make it easy to use, intuitive and visually attractive. Today, there is no room on the Internet for products that are underdeveloped or simply ugly. That is why we put a strong emphasis on creating good user interfaces.

How we work?

Communication-based relationship

We find the communication with our clients to be of the utmost importance. We precisely define our client's expectations and suggest optimal solutions. We discuss, advise and help, based on our experience. We are convinced that the best products are created with the close participation of the client who takes part in the project at its every stage.


Modern design tools

At Droptica, we use the newest design tools. We create designs, build prototypes, and perform tests using the best software available. We take care of the design process to progress smoothly and effectively. We find this to be of particular importance, because our projects have to look and work perfectly on different devices, regardless of whether it is a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.


Modern website design

We are a company that closely follows the development of the IT industry. We pursue current trends and technological progress. Our projects are always compliant with the current standards and state of the art. We keep our finger on the pulse of an ever-changing world of design. The knowledge of these trends gives us inspiration and allows us to create unique and effective products.


Reaching the business goals

When we develop our projects, we don't forget about the goals set by our clients. We make every effort for our design to be considered a tool suited for the execution of the key objectives of the product. We do not design just for the sake of designing. We design for the persons who are the recipients of the products we build. We are not satisfied with visual pretentiousness and lack of usability. We create software that looks and works as it should.


Our clients are happy to talk about us

Our clients are our partners, and we pursue their business goals together. Our work is more than just programming tasks – we also make every effort to understand our client’s business goals. We create the system architecture with the future in mind. We analyse and propose tasks that increase the client’s business results and recommend rejecting ideas that will not contribute to the improvement.

We want to contribute to the business success of our clients, which is why we are committed to developing their systems in the right direction.

The feedback of one of our clients confirms this:

We established cooperation with Droptica around two years ago to develop our online store available at Both the quality of all the works carried out, as well as our cooperation were stellar.

The technical solutions suggested and implemented by Droptica were a great help and often improved the value of our system, often exceeding our initial expectations. Cooperation with Droptica is characterised by very friendly, direct and precise communication on their part. Thanks to that, we were – and constantly are – able to define and detail all the tasks related to the development of our sales platform.

We also appreciate their very clear settlement system, which allows us to better plan and allocate funds for development. In other words, we definitely recommend working with Droptica.

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