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5 lectures worth seeing at PHPCon Poland 2019

The PHPCon Poland 2019 conference will be held at "Centrum Kongresów i Rekreacji Orle Gniazdo" in Szczyrk from 15th to 17th November 2019. The place wasn't picked at random. It was there where some of the best of the previous editions of PHPCon were held. Judging by this year's agenda we are sure that it's going to be a very interesting edition. 

Together with the whole Droptica team, we've picked for you 5 lectures that are worth seeing:

1. DDD, CQRS, ES, He­xa­go­nal...i Sym­fo­ny (lecture in polish language)

The speaker, Tomasz Kowalczyk, is going to tell how Symfony may be used in the context of any architecture solution, i.e. DDD, CQRS Event Sourcing, Hexagon and discuss its use in each of those cases. He's going also to touch the topic of the framework, from which it often depends on the amount of work needed for implementation. Tomasz is going to show Symfony as one of the tools of control on the project.

2. Di­stri­bu­ted Do­ma­in De­struc­tion - Ad­ven­tu­res in bu­il­ding di­stri­bu­ted sys­tems

The lecture by Srdjan Vranac. He is going to discuss the ups and downs of building distributed applications and tell more about his personal experience in this matter. He's going to explain the problems he encountered and the adopted solutions. 

3. Be­co­ming a tech le­ad - Les­son le­ar­ned

We are going to see Jayesh Kawli as a speaker. The lecture is focusing on the role of the leader and the challenges it brings. In addition to the theory, some practical tips are included. By attending this lecture, you may gain knowledge on the specifics of the individual and group work as well as problems that other leaders encountered in their work. The lecture touches also topics such as coaching, mentorship and learning on your own mistakes.  

 4. Zwin­nie czy­sta ar­chi­tek­tu­ra (lecture in polish language)

The lecture by Michał Cisz. By the real business example, he's going to show agilities hidden in the concept of clean architecture. The attendees will have a chance to learn the progressive development of the components of the application, which, by iterative work with code, were adopted to timeboxes used by the agile methods. Definitions such as framework, database, sprint, deadline will be discussed during the lecture. 

5. Se­rver­less PHP (lecture in polish language)

The lecture features Sebastian Grodzicki as a speaker. He's going to tell us about the new services, like Lambda Runtime API  and Lambda Layers and the changes that happened in the world of PHP. He's going to show his own code that runs at AWS Lambda.

6. Bo­nus: UN­CON­FE­REN­CE 

According to the trend and demand, we organised a special room for you all on Saturday. Every attendee of the PHPCon Poland 2019 can submit a lecture on the topic linked with the PHP. Some of the sponsor's lectures are going to be held there too. Do you want to submit your lecture? Great! In the Centre, in the main hall, there will be a flipchart where you can check what topics were already proposed and submit your own. However, please hurry up, as we decided on the first-come-first-serve rule with the booking of hours. Grzegorz Bartman, CEO of our Drupal agency, is going to make things go smoothly. The organisers of the conference will in advance announce each submitted lecture at the Rooms A and C during the breaks and via PUSH notifications (we recommend turning these on!). The room for the Unconference is equipped with flipchart, projector, screen and the microphone with speakers.

Friday is a day when most of the workshops for the selected attendees are held. Lectures held by knowledgable speakers were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. After hours of gaining the knowledge, you'll have a chance to join community integration party. Additionally, Droptica is a Platinum Sponsor of the conference. We wait for you at our stand. And if you were curious - yes, there is going to be the "Game for Drones" ;) 

See you at Szczyrk!

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