DrupalDay Unconference 2019 Warsaw

Droptica will not organise a conference in Warsaw

What’s the matter? To date, our Drupal development agency, has organised two kinds of events for people working with Drupal: DrupalCamp and DrupalDay. September this year will be marked with a new kind of event – an Unconference.

What is this Unconference?

Unconference is a meeting with a more relaxed structure than a conference, without an agenda planned in advance. All that we know is the venue, date and general subject matter; in this case Drupal. The participants come to the meeting and the agenda is created on the spot. Every person who wants to say or present something can submit it after coming to the venue. 

Why Unconference instead of a regular conference?

The idea for a Drupal Unconference in Poland was born after we went to a similar event in the UK. In 2018, Jarosław Bartman, one of the organisers of many Drupal-themed events in Poland, attended a similar Unconference in Manchester, where he took part in a number of presentations by other speakers, as well as talked about Droopler distro. 

We liked this form of event very much. Thanks to the informal atmosphere and a small group of attendees, this is not only an opportunity to learn more about the possibilities and capabilities offered by Drupal, but also to share your knowledge and practice your presentations.  

Many people use the Unconference in the UK as a proving ground for their presentations before DrupalCamp London, DrupalCon Europe and other major events. Thanks to the Unconference in Poland, the members of the Polish Drupal community will be able to do the same before speaking in front of a bigger audience, for example during DrupalCamp Poland 2020. 

So, where and when will this Unconference take place?

We are going to organise the first such event in Warsaw on September 28. At the moment, we do not know if it is going to be a regular thing since as for now, we want to see whether this form will be liked by the community. We chose Warsaw to give as many people an opportunity to get there. 

You can find more details at www.drupalday.pl and on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/drupaldaypl/.

Be sure to join us there! 

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