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10 SEO tips – make Google love your Drupal-based website

So, you already have a Drupal-based website. Great! What now? Well, you should definitely start promoting it! Some claim that nothing is ever lost on the internet; however, it won’t hurt to help your potential customers find your website using some SEO tricks. What should you do to get your website to come out of the depths of Google search results right to the first page? The following ten elements are indispensable for any website, which aims to be included high in search results. 1.

5 things that make working at Droptica worth your while

We spend a lot of time at work – according to the OECD, it’s more than 1,800 hours a year! Knowing that you spend as much time at work as in your bed, you should make sure that your workplace is comfortable and characterised by a friendly atmosphere. Check out everything that we do to ensure that our work is both pleasant and productive! ;) 1.

How was a year 2018 in Droptica?

The new year brings summaries and resolutions. It was a special time at Droptica. There has been a lot going on in the company and we are proud of what we did in 2018. We want to share it with you! :) Five years of Droptica In February, we celebrated the company's fifth anniversary. We had every reason to celebrate!  Within 5 years, starting from a two-person project, Droptica has become a dynamically operating company and a well-known Drupal agency.

Why you should have a website?

Do you really believe that showcasing your company on Facebook is enough for your company to get noticed in the internet? Before you answer, check the advantages of having your own website!  “Do I really need a website for my company?” This is a question that many entrepreneurs need to answer. Perhaps hearing such a question should make us feel offended, but in the depths of our souls, we understand this dilemma. After all, it only takes a few clicks to appear on the Internet.

Why is Drupal Europe 2018 worth visiting?

Droptica is already getting ready for the Drupal Europe 2018 conference. Read on to see why you should be there too! A better understanding of the system Drupal is software created for the people, by the people. The biggest European Drupal conference is a great opportunity to meet the programmers behind this CMS.

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