Website migration is, for many people, changing to a new website. However, it’s worth understanding what this activity actually entails. It's not just switching or updating a CMS but also a process that can significantly affect the web page's performance, security, and alignment with modern standards. In this article, we’ll focus on the general approach to migration, but we’ll use Drupal as an example to provide a comprehensive perspective on the topic.

Using dynamic content on your website and in your marketing efforts will improve the user experience and achieve better conversions. You can match different variations of elements on your web page to the behavior and habits of your visitors. To do this, it’s necessary to collect and process information about their activity. Learn more about this topic from our article.

Effective integration of different systems in a company today is an elementary factor for success. In a world of dynamic technologies and IT tools, Drupal stands out because it’s a constantly evolving open source software with the support of a large community. With its flexible structure of modules written in PHP and the ability to use tools such as Composer, Drupal becomes an ideal solution for integrating various programs in an organization.

Websites can perform various functions for a business. When deciding to create a web page for a company, it’s worth considering what the purpose of its existence should be. Learn about the different kinds of websites and what tasks they will help you accomplish.

Did you know that a website on Drupal 7 can carry potential risks in the long run? Due to technological advances and changing security standards, outdated platforms are becoming less effective and more vulnerable. Upgrading to a newer version of Drupal is not just a matter of modern design but, more importantly, security and functionality. Here are some reasons why you should make this decision sooner rather than later.

Building an online store is only the beginning. Once you've created such a website, you must take care of its online visibility, good user experience, and keeping sales high. Additional ecommerce tools that you can integrate with the online platform used by your company can help you achieve all these goals.

The conference season is slowly winding down, but one major point is still on the horizon – DrupalCon 2023. This year's European edition of this educational event will take place in Lille, France, from October 17th to 20th. Let’s take a closer look at this gathering and see why it’s a must-attend occasion for anyone interested in Drupal.

In the digital age, website security is essential to the success of any business. Without ensuring that your web page is safe, you not only expose your company to several problems but also risk losing your customers’ trust. Do you know how to secure a website effectively? In this blog post, we'll describe what practices are most effective.

The job of an email marketer is to constantly chase ideas and stay on top of the latest trends. In this article, we’ll focus on the best newsletters created by brands in recent years and explain what makes them effective tools for promoting a company and its offerings. See our examples and get inspired.

In the competitive realm of ecommerce, Magento has established itself as one of the premier choices for online businesses worldwide. An example of its standout features is the seamless payment experience it offers. This article delves into the complexities of Magento's payment gateway integrations, an essential component for any successful online venture.

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