Organizations in the financial industry and IT companies providing solutions for this sector drive each other's growth. The need to increase the competitiveness of a given company requires the implementation of newer and newer systems and tools. Discover the most interesting trends in the financial services industry.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of using labels in our daily work. A shortcut is a combination of a key or keys on the keyboard to execute a specific command that is intended to be done in several steps. When that combination of keys is done, for instance, if we want to copy the selected text faster, we can press Ctrl and C. Do you see? Using shortcuts saves us time and increases the possibilities of actions performed using the keyboard.

There are many types of food websites, each with its own unique functionalities. They often shape the design of such a web page to some extent. Despite various functional limitations, some creators are able to nimbly overcome the barriers of common solutions and build truly unique websites. Check out the most interesting examples.

We are delighted that, with the 11th edition of DrupalCamp Poland, we’re coming back to the stationary formula. The event will take place on 28-29 May 2022 in Wroclaw at the Scandic hotel. Programming and business topics will be presented by 14 speakers from different countries.

When designing a web page, we need to plan the user's path through our site. Browsing the content should lead to performing some action, e.g. making a purchase, making contact, or subscribing to the newsletter. A CTA button is an element that, when properly used, can help your business increase the conversion rate. Learn what a call to action is and how to create effective call to action buttons. Check out the most interesting examples of CTAs.

When writing code, it’s easy to make mistakes or errors. They can happen to anyone, at any stage of work. What to do if our code result doesn’t match our expectations or we aren’t sure what data are processed at particular steps? In such a situation, we can spend hours looking for a solution or use a debugger to make our work easier.

The website footer isn’t usually the first element we think of when imagining our website. Perhaps that is why on some websites it doesn’t seem to have any specific function. Instead of helping you achieve your specific goals, it turns into a place for all the information you couldn't put anywhere else. Find out what a website footer is and what good practices in designing it are.

When creating websites on Drupal, as developers, we should try to make our job easier. Managing modules, users, generating code – all these processes can be automated and performed with single commands. In this article, we'll take a look at the tools available and discuss them, giving specific examples of use.

A well-thought-out landing page will allow you to achieve your goals - obtain information about potential clients, make contact with them, and even sell products or services. Are you considering creating a landing page for your company? Before you design it, think about what exactly you want to achieve. In this article, we'll describe the elements that shouldn't be missing on any landing page.

The large variety of devices on which you can browse web pages, as well as the constant efforts aimed at improving user satisfaction, have made website responsiveness a standard today. However, there are still pages that aren’t optimized for viewing on many devices or are optimized incorrectly. Learn what exactly is responsiveness and how to adapt a website to mobile devices

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