Building successful websites is quite difficult. The web is very competitive and getting through requires building something of quality. Technology is complex and delivering value is not easy. Additionally, development costs are not negligible, especially if you want to work on your project with experienced professionals. Today I am sharing 10 tips which can help deliver a project successfully.

At a conference I attended a while ago, one of the CTOs noted that “these days you have to give an arm and a leg to get good software.” Looking at some project budgets, it indeed seems like it. So what should you do if you have a limited budget and still need to get a website out? Luckily there are many things you can do to reduce costs.

Are you planning to build your website from scratch or rebuild the current one? Have you already chosen a development company, but you do not know how to present the idea? The better you design the document, the greater the chance that experts will understand what your website should look like and what functionalities it should have.

Consistent support of addresses, coordinates, maps and searching for places is definitely the Achilles' heel of most modern CMS. It is a complicated matter and it requires integrating a large number of independent solutions. The topic of geolocation has also been raised in many large projects implemented by Droptica. I will show you some best practices on their basis.

We have been present on the market for over seven years. Our mission is to create reliable software based on the best open source solutions for ambitious companies. The company's mission sets the direction of our work; it is a kind of a guidepost for the employees and the management, but also for the companies working with us, and for our clients. We have chosen a direction that we believe will lead us to success and at the same time – will help our clients achieve success. 

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