Are you preparing to create an FAQ page for your company and looking for inspiration? Before you start designing it, take a look at the sections with frequently asked questions on company websites of small, medium, and large brands. Below you'll find ten interesting examples of FAQ pages.

The year 2022 started not so long ago. Technology is developing very quickly and it's worth taking a look at what novelties await us in the coming months. Learning more about them will allow you to stay up to date and not be left behind. The following list covers issues from many areas, but all of them have one thing in common – which is web development.

There are many ways of conducting business activities on the Internet. However, choosing the right ecommerce business model isn't as easy as it may seem. Careful consideration of the available options and an analysis of your resources will allow you to select the best type of business activity and create an effective strategy for your ecommerce business.

Anyone who had contact with managing a Drupal-based system has probably gone through one of two scenarios. They were confident in their movements and quickly got to where they needed to go, or annoyed they reached the simplest places after many redirects. If the second description fits your experience, you’re about to discover a way that prevents you from having to have all the paths in your head. Let me present the Admin Toolbar!

Email marketing is an effective and frequently used promotion and sales tool. However, it isn’t enough to send a message with a description of the offer to increase sales and interest the customer. Every day, hundreds of campaigns are marked as SPAM by internet users. Fortunately, you can learn how to avoid it. Our article highlights examples of outstanding email marketing campaigns that will inspire you to make your own mailing.

Pentesters use various tools during an audit to save time and find as many security errors as possible. Some activities can’t be done manually within a reasonable time. An example is the detection of all subpages of a website. There are paid and free tools that allow this to be done. Vulnerability scanners are also created and actively developed. They include solutions that support pentesting.

Nowadays, customers expect more and more freedom in choosing the payment option and they may resign from making a purchase on your platform if they don’t find the payment method that suits their preferences. Unfortunately, not every business can afford to implement an infinite number of payment methods. That’s why it's worth analyzing the possibilities available on the ecommerce market and selecting a few of them.

In the developer's work, it's important to write good-quality code efficiently. We may try to handle everything by ourselves or use the tools that facilitate and accelerate our work. There are many available solutions on the market, so we've decided to make the choice easier for you and suggest what to pay attention to when looking for this type of software, and which specific systems you should be interested in.

Happy birthday, Drupal! It’s been 21 years since the release of the first stable version of our favorite open source content management system. With each subsequent year, it allows for creating more and more complex, modern, and responsive websites for companies of all sizes. Let’s take a look at Drupal possibilities over the years, the projects it's been used for, and the planned functionalities.

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