We all associate programming with creating lines of code - for some it’s clear at the first glance, for others it’s a kind of magic incantation. However, modern programming is much more than just entering successive pieces of code. Then, what tools can make a developer's work easier and allow to streamline, automate, and have control over everything that is now inextricably linked with software development?

The IT industry is constantly developing. Technological progress and various possibilities of using graphic materials make designers and programmers come up with increasingly innovative ways to make their works more attractive. They want to take the user into a new, unknown world and help website owners to achieve their business objectives. In this article, we'll go over some of the most promising trends that are sure to revolutionize web page design in 2022.

Service pages are a fundamental part of any company website. They may serve many functions. They present a product to the customers, motivate them to get in touch with the company, make it possible for them to make a purchase, as well as allow the company to collect the customer's data. Service pages are made up of many different elements. Choosing the ones that’ll help you achieve a specific goal is crucial to the success of your business.

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems for websites today. Part of the natural cycle in the life of any software are regular updates and development, as well as the creation of newer versions. We bring it up because the 10th version of the Drupal system is coming, and with this article, we want to provide you with a closer look at it.

Standardization has a positive effect on any business. There are certain coding standards in the software industry that are needed for successful software development. Coding standards are a set of rules and good practices that make code more legible and easier to develop. In this article, we’ll present what standards are used to create Drupal projects. We will show you the basic aspects that are worth paying attention to and the tools that make work easier.

Project management is the process in which the person in charge of a project - the project manager, plans and controls tasks that are part of the project and allocates resources accordingly. Project management aims to achieve the project objective within the set deadline and budget. In the IT industry, agile methodologies are most often used to achieve these goals, allowing for smooth adaptation of the process and product to changing environmental conditions and customer expectations.

Mailing can take many forms, one of which is a newsletter. It’s an electronic bulletin sent to specific groups of recipients periodically, e.g., once a month, once a quarter, or once every six months. From our article, you'll learn what functions in business are fulfilled by a well-prepared company newsletter and what are its advantages.

Maintaining the existing code is a very important process that shouldn't be downplayed. Unfortunately, more time and resources are often spent on implementing new functionalities at the expense of maintaining the current code. Of course, we all may sometimes be asking ourselves: why fix something that already works? What benefits may it bring?

It would seem that companies are trying to reduce direct contact with the customer in favor of the automation of many processes. Although more and more companies use chatbots and online chats, some customers will always strive to directly contact a business representative. A contact page makes it possible, so it shouldn't be missing from your website. We’ll present contact us page examples that are worth drawing inspiration from when planning your company website.

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