Companies from the financial sector, like fintech startups and banks or insurance companies, have to face many difficulties. Fortunately, while there are many challenges in the financial services industry, there are also several effective solutions that can help organizations increase their competitiveness and productivity. Read our article to learn how to deal with the problems your finance company may be facing right now.

The fintech industry is among the most dynamically developing ones. New solutions are being constantly implemented at finance companies in order to increase their efficiency. Find out what fintech trends will affect the future of the financial sector and how.

The new, major Drupal update was released on 15 June 2022. There are some new elements and changes, such as the Manage permissions tab, dynamic determination of the minimum PHP version, changes in the API, change of the default frontend theme from Bartik to Olivero, and the administrative theme from Seven to Claro. Quite a few functions and libraries have been labeled "deprecated". We'll talk more about these and other changes later in this article.

To gain an advantage over the competition, it's necessary to provide the users of a banking website or application with convenient solutions and an offer tailored to their expectations. The first contact of a bank with its client often takes place on the web. Take a look at this compilation of the best bank websites before you start building your web page.

The banking services market is constantly evolving, and in order to maintain a high degree of competitiveness with other financial institutions, it's necessary to regularly analyze the latest trends in the banking industry. In our article, we present descriptions of interesting solutions for banks that want to improve the satisfaction of their current clients and convince new ones to choose their services.

There are many types of financial websites. Due to their functions and purposes, they differ in terms of functionalities and the elements they are made of. We rank finance web pages and present the best projects you can draw inspiration from. Find out what shouldn’t be missing on your company website.

When using any kind of solution, we usually encounter the need to create generic support functions. A similar situation occurs when working with templates in Drupal 9. If you’ve ever created custom code to display a block, view, or entities in a Drupal 9 template, and are interested in ready-made and tested solution, this article is for you. We’ll show you the Twig Tweak module, which provides a number of support functions.

Organizations in the financial industry and IT companies providing solutions for this sector drive each other's growth. The need to increase the competitiveness of a given company requires the implementation of newer and newer systems and tools. Discover the most interesting trends in the financial services industry.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of using labels in our daily work. A shortcut is a combination of a key or keys on the keyboard to execute a specific command that is intended to be done in several steps. When that combination of keys is done, for instance, if we want to copy the selected text faster, we can press Ctrl and C. Do you see? Using shortcuts saves us time and increases the possibilities of actions performed using the keyboard.

There are many types of food websites, each with its own unique functionalities. They often shape the design of such a web page to some extent. Despite various functional limitations, some creators are able to nimbly overcome the barriers of common solutions and build truly unique websites. Check out the most interesting examples.

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