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How to build complex products while market requirements are dynamically changing? What to look at while choosing the CMS platform?

In this category, you’ll find the answers to the questions about building and managing a professional website. You’ll learn why it is worth using the open source technology, and what you’ll gain from the website prototype.

Moreover, you’ll find information about writing a brief for a web development agency and see the inspiring examples of Drupal websites.

Organizations in the financial industry and IT companies providing solutions for this sector drive each other's growth. The need to increase the competitiveness of a given company requires the implementation of newer and newer systems and tools. Discover the most interesting trends in the financial services industry.

There are many types of food websites, each with its own unique functionalities. They often shape the design of such a web page to some extent. Despite various functional limitations, some creators are able to nimbly overcome the barriers of common solutions and build truly unique websites. Check out the most interesting examples.

When designing a web page, we need to plan the user's path through our site. Browsing the content should lead to performing some action, e.g. making a purchase, making contact, or subscribing to the newsletter. A CTA button is an element that, when properly used, can help your business increase the conversion rate. Learn what a call to action is and how to create effective call to action buttons. Check out the most interesting examples of CTAs.

The website footer isn’t usually the first element we think of when imagining our website. Perhaps that is why on some websites it doesn’t seem to have any specific function. Instead of helping you achieve your specific goals, it turns into a place for all the information you couldn't put anywhere else. Find out what a website footer is and what good practices in designing it are.

A well-thought-out landing page will allow you to achieve your goals - obtain information about potential clients, make contact with them, and even sell products or services. Are you considering creating a landing page for your company? Before you design it, think about what exactly you want to achieve. In this article, we'll describe the elements that shouldn't be missing on any landing page.

Service pages are a fundamental part of any company website. They may serve many functions. They present a product to the customers, motivate them to get in touch with the company, make it possible for them to make a purchase, as well as allow the company to collect the customer's data. Service pages are made up of many different elements. Choosing the ones that’ll help you achieve a specific goal is crucial to the success of your business.

Project management is the process in which the person in charge of a project - the project manager, plans and controls tasks that are part of the project and allocates resources accordingly. Project management aims to achieve the project objective within the set deadline and budget. In the IT industry, agile methodologies are most often used to achieve these goals, allowing for smooth adaptation of the process and product to changing environmental conditions and customer expectations.

Mailing can take many forms, one of which is a newsletter. It’s an electronic bulletin sent to specific groups of recipients periodically, e.g., once a month, once a quarter, or once every six months. From our article, you'll learn what functions in business are fulfilled by a well-prepared company newsletter and what are its advantages.

It would seem that companies are trying to reduce direct contact with the customer in favor of the automation of many processes. Although more and more companies use chatbots and online chats, some customers will always strive to directly contact a business representative. A contact page makes it possible, so it shouldn't be missing from your website. We’ll present contact us page examples that are worth drawing inspiration from when planning your company website.

Users visiting a website expect it to work quickly and smoothly. Therefore, it is the task of the website owners to ensure and maintain this. Such a challenge is even greater for websites with high traffic. Many visitors at the same time can cause problems not only with the website but also with the server infrastructure. We’ll show you how to deal with this using a popular recipe website as an example.

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