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How to build complex products while market requirements are dynamically changing? What to look at while choosing the CMS platform?

In this category, you’ll find the answers to the questions about building and managing a professional website. You’ll learn why it is worth using the open source technology, and what you’ll gain from the website prototype.

Moreover, you’ll find information about writing a brief for a web development agency and see the inspiring examples of Drupal websites.

Mailing can take many forms, one of which is a newsletter. It’s an electronic bulletin sent to specific groups of recipients periodically, e.g., once a month, once a quarter, or once every six months. From our article, you'll learn what functions in business are fulfilled by a well-prepared company newsletter and what are its advantages.

It would seem that companies are trying to reduce direct contact with the customer in favor of the automation of many processes. Although more and more companies use chatbots and online chats, some customers will always strive to directly contact a business representative. A contact page makes it possible, so it shouldn't be missing from your website. We’ll present contact us page examples that are worth drawing inspiration from when planning your company website.

Users visiting a website expect it to work quickly and smoothly. Therefore, it is the task of the website owners to ensure and maintain this. Such a challenge is even greater for websites with high traffic. Many visitors at the same time can cause problems not only with the website but also with the server infrastructure. We’ll show you how to deal with this using a popular recipe website as an example.

Are you preparing to create an FAQ page for your company and looking for inspiration? Before you start designing it, take a look at the sections with frequently asked questions on company websites of small, medium, and large brands. Below you'll find ten interesting examples of FAQ pages.

There are many ways of conducting business activities on the Internet. However, choosing the right ecommerce business model isn't as easy as it may seem. Careful consideration of the available options and an analysis of your resources will allow you to select the best type of business activity and create an effective strategy for your ecommerce business.

Email marketing is an effective and frequently used promotion and sales tool. However, it isn’t enough to send a message with a description of the offer to increase sales and interest the customer. Every day, hundreds of campaigns are marked as SPAM by internet users. Fortunately, you can learn how to avoid it. Our article highlights examples of outstanding email marketing campaigns that will inspire you to make your own mailing.

Nowadays, customers expect more and more freedom in choosing the payment option and they may resign from making a purchase on your platform if they don’t find the payment method that suits their preferences. Unfortunately, not every business can afford to implement an infinite number of payment methods. That’s why it's worth analyzing the possibilities available on the ecommerce market and selecting a few of them.

Communication with the customer means more than just publishing your offer on a website and responding to possible complaints. Start building a long-lasting, positive relationship with your audience, even before they decide to make a purchase. There are many ways to improve contact with the customer. Establishing lasting, positive relationships with your clients will result in increased sales and encourage prospective customers to use your services.

Nowadays, impressing a potential client isn't easy, especially in the business world full of conscious customers, guided mainly by logic and the long-term interest of their own company. Creating a unique corporate webpage is the first step in attracting the customer's attention. In our article, you'll find a handful of corporate website design tips and examples of unique sites.

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