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How to build complex products while market requirements are dynamically changing? What to look at while choosing the CMS platform?

In this category, you’ll find the answers to the questions about building and managing a professional website. You’ll learn why it is worth using the open source technology, and what you’ll gain from the website prototype.

Moreover, you’ll find information about writing a brief for a web development agency and see the inspiring examples of Drupal websites.

Want to learn how to create a landing page that will help you achieve your company's goals? Are you planning to design an LP, or maybe you already have a subpage that needs optimization? The tips we'll share with you will make it easier for you to increase conversions. Read our article and see how to create landing pages that convert.

The world of technology is constantly evolving - striving to create new solutions and improve the old ones. Consequently, the life cycle of any software sooner or later reaches its inevitable end. Such a fate awaits the distinguished and still popular Drupal 7 with the end of its official support by the developers. This is the perfect moment to recall the novelties it brought in relation to the previous versions and shed some light on what's next.

The rapid growth of ecommerce in recent years has changed the face of business. Industrial companies must adapt to a new reality in which negotiations and transactions are primarily conducted online. Ecommerce for manufacturing sector can increase brand recognition, as well as improve their sales performance and allow them to reduce costs. Find out why else you should consider building an ecommerce industrial website for your company.

More and more companies are choosing to conduct detailed tests on their websites in order to improve them. No one can tell you better what solutions best appeal to users, who are your potential customers, than they themselves. Then what elements of websites are worth testing? See 5 examples of A/B testing that have led to improved results for the real business web pages.

Choosing technology and creating a website design is only part of the job. Even if your intuition tells you that your solution is really good, it's worth testing it before releasing it into the world. You can also perform tests on an existing web page. It's worth doing this regularly because user preferences can change. A/B tests will be helpful here. They allow you to compare two different versions of a website or application and see which is more effective.

Are you familiar with the term "legacy system"? You may be using one without even realizing it. Few people know that this type of software can put their business at risk. These outdated technological systems can cause your business to fall behind, exposing you to security breaches and increased costs. In this article, we'll discuss what a legacy system is, the risks it poses, and why you should modernize it.

At Droptica, we rely on processes. One of them is the cooperation model at the initial stage, even before the start of the service. We want you to know everything that's involved in building or rebuilding your business website. On the other hand, this is also the time for us to acknowledge your expectations. The following article explains how we communicate, what you, as a client, can expect during our discovery calls, and what the next meetings are for.

Competition in the financial market is huge. Advisory companies specializing in supporting individual and business clients have not only to present their services attractively but also to win the trust of their audience. Without this, it’s difficult to expect anyone to place their finances in the hands of such organizations. What makes the most interesting financial advisor websites stand out?

In today's digital world, where data is one of the most valuable resources, protecting information is a priority. Especially for companies that develop dedicated software and have access to sensitive data, taking care of security standards is essential. At Droptica, we already know that implementing ISO 27001 ensures adequate data protection, translating into greater customer trust. Let's take a look at what the process entails and its benefits.

It isn’t easy to be up to date in the business world. Keeping up with the press on a daily basis is time-consuming, so it's a good idea to choose a few websites of reliable bloggers and established financial magazines to have easy access to the most important information. Check out our suggestions.

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