What is it Good to Ask about During a Job Interview for the Position of a Programmer?

What is it Good to Ask about During a Job Interview for the Position of a Programmer?

You have to pass a job interview in order to start working in a new company. How to put your best foot forward? There are several ways to do this. One of these is asking questions. This is a perfect opportunity to show not only your technical skills but also your interest in the company. Check out what questions will help you present yourself in the most effective manner during the interview and gain more knowledge about the company.

Questions about the projects and the team

Below are some questions that will help you get to know your future colleagues and the team's work culture.

  1. Will I have a chance to meet the team members before starting to work for the company?
  2. What work methodologies does the company use (Scrum, Agile, Kanban)? Is there a Project Manager for every project?
  3. What issues concerning the project will I be responsible for and what actual impact will I have on the project?
  4. Are the working hours flexible?
  5. Who are the company's clients? Are there any foreign clients, and if so – how many?

How large projects does the company carry out (e.g. the team sizes, the number of users, the traffic handled)? The questions will help you find out whether the work process and style correspond to your habits and standards. The above-mentioned questions are a small step to get to know and analyse the already obtained experience of working in a team.

Technical questions

  1. What is your main technology stack and what is its division in projects?
  2. How does the company test the software being developed?
  3. Do you use CI/CD?
  4. What programming techniques are in use in the company?
  5. What projects are you currently working on and what technologies are you using in them?
  6. How does the company automate work?

Job specification

"What does a typical working day look like at my job position?"

Do not be afraid to ask this question! Every recruiter will be happy to tell you what a normal working day in the company looks like.

Company's activity

  1. Does your company organise conferences, company meetings?
  2. What are the company's values and goals?
  3. Does the company offer a benefits package?

Building the awareness of being a part of the company is very important. The people, not the technology, are the soul of the company. At Droptica, where you can provide Drupal development services, as well as to join the team of Drupal consultants or Drupal support team, we focus on good working atmosphere. Therefore, the comfort of work is our priority.

Further development of the company

"What can my career in your company look like?"

This question can help you to determine whether you want to stay with us for a longer period of time, or if you imagine your future differently. Droptica invests in its developers, which is why we care about long-term cooperation.


  1. When can I expect a response to my application?
  2. Do you expect further stages of recruitment? If so, what will each stage look like?
  3. When are you planning to make the final decision?

The questions will help you find out what the further process will look like, and whether you should prepare yourself for anything else. 


When at the end of the interview you will be asked: "do you have any questions for me about the company or the job position?", then definitely use the advice found in this text.

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