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We offer a wide range of Node.js and real time application services. Thanks to Node.js, frontend and backend Javascript frameworks you are able to lower the cost and gain efficiency of your applications. We can help you to achieve satisfaction, because our professionalism and dedication to quality is what sets us apart.

Node.js is a javascript runtime which allows for executing javascript outside of the browser. It offers a vast variety of tools and APIs and is a fantastic platform for building super fast and scalable real time applications. It has been chosen by large companies like LinkedIn, Walmart or Netflix and its popularity is rapidly growing.


Another reason for using Node.js is cost. By using node.js you can reduce the amount of technological solutions by employing javascript both on the frontend in the browser and in the backend on the server. This can significantly reduce development costs of applications.

Node.js & Droptica

With in-depth experience in node.js projects we can be your node development team. In Droptica we have been developing in Javascript since 2015, We work with various frontend and backend javascript frameworks, like ReactJs, VueJs, Angular, ExpressJs and NextJs. Choose us as your node.

Experience since 2008 in concrete examples

At Droptica, we have over ten years of experience. We focus primarily on developing web applications and websites, creating world-class projects. We are proud of the quality we deliver to our clients.

To build, we use mainly PHP and Javascript frameworks often supported by Node.js microservices.

Node.js tools and frameworks

Node.js and React.js

React.js is a javascript library used for building user interfaces. It was created by Facebook and is our tool of choice for building interactive web applications. When a project requires SEO friendly URLs, we typically chose Next.js library which allows to render React on the server and present the crawler with a ready HTML for indexing maintaining the flexibility and great user experience of the frontend build with ReactJs. This is a fantastic approach which allows allows us to create one code which works on the server and in the browser.

Node.js and React.js image designed by Droptica
Node.js and Express.js designed by Droptica

Node.js and Express.js

Expressjs is a lightweight framework for node.js. It is probably the most popular framework build on node.js. It is great for creating blazing fast APIs eg. or chatbots or IoTs as well as applications of various sizes. Expressjs is often used as a base for building more complex tools (CMSes or more opinionated web frameworks). We’ve built various applications using pure Expressjs as well as other tools based on it, like KeystoneJs CMS. We can help you build your next app on Expressjs.

Node.js and Typescript

Typescript is a superset of Javascript which transpiles to pure javascript. Typescript allows developers to do fantastic things not available in pure javascript, like typing variables and declaring interfaces. Typescript is fantastic if you want to structure and build a large javascript application. With node-ts you can build a node application in Typescript with ease. Bindings for popular frameworks like Vuejs, Reactjs or Angularjs are also available. In Droptica we love Typescript. If you have a project written in Typescript, we can help.

Node.js and Typescript image designed by Droptica

Building new applications on Node.js

Node.js technological landscape is very wide. Depending on your projects requirements we can recommend the best tools and solutions that will allow you to grow and scale in the future.

We will also set up a correct development and quality assurance workflow which will allow you to move quickly through the development cycle, releasing new functionality often in an iterative, agile way.

Development of existing systems on Node.js

Are you looking for a node.js development team for your existing project? We can help. With our vast experience we can take over an existing project quickly. Many of our clients came to us for help with existing systems and stayed.

When we take over a new system we first make sure we know how it operates. We document and automate as much as possible build and deployment procedures. Then we start developing. Clients are often amazed when they see how fast their projects can move.

With an extensive QA system in place we ensure that we fix the current and not introduce new bugs to production. Depending on the size of your project and its complexity we can take over within a few days or months.

Moving an existing legacy system to Node.js

Migrations of legacy systems can be daunting tasks. At Droptica we have done it many times and can guide you through the process so that impact on the operations, downtime and cost are kept to minimum.


Integrating with external systems

Node.js applications hardly ever exist in noa vacuum. In today's interconnected world your system has to communicate with a myriad of APIs and web services. Luckily node.js is perfect for such tasks. Asynchronous by design it will run fast even if some service is not responsive. In Droptica we can help you design apps that work great with external APIs.



Microservices allow for building scalable architectures consisting of many small applications which communicate with each other by HTTP protocols. Node.js is superb for the job of creating such apps. Especially if containterised with use of Docker or similar approach, node.js will allow you to develop your application rapidly.

Our expert team can help you decide whether you need a microservices architecture and if you do, we will guide you through the design and implementation process.


Node.js code audits

Javascript gives a lot of freedom to developers. Sometimes this goes to far and apps become difficult to manage. Entanglement of interdependent functions and objects can turn even the smallest changes a long painful process.

Code review is a standard process in our work. We do it in every project to avoid pitfalls of unsupervised optimistic development practice. We can also perform an audit of your code and provide you with clear steps for decoupling your application to make it more maintainable.


Droptica – projects in numbers

See the figures below to see what kind of systems we developed in Drupal to date. We are involved in the development of a number of large applications. The figures below – or larger ones – are hardly an insurmountable challenge for us. We are also happy to implement smaller-scale projects in which we can share our experience gathered by building more extensive systems.

Highest traffic (page views/month)
Biggest multisite (websites)
Biggest user migration
Biggest database (GB)
Biggest content (nodes) migration
Biggest files directory (GB)
Highest number of nodes
Biggest e-commerce website (products)

Our clients are happy to talk about us

Our clients are our partners, and we pursue their business goals together. Our work is more than just programming tasks – we also make every effort to understand our client’s business goals. We create the system architecture with the future in mind. We analyse and propose tasks that increase the client’s business results and recommend rejecting ideas that will not contribute to the improvement.

We want to contribute to the business success of our clients, which is why we are committed to developing their systems in the right direction.

The feedback of one of our clients confirms this:

I could not rate Droptica too highly. They have genuinely helped our dream service become a reality. We have untold efficiency gains now.

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