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We are a proud sponsor of the Drupal Camp Wrocław 2015 in Poland. DrupalCamp Wrocław 2015 is a conference organized for Drupal community and others interested in the software. For three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), there will be lectures and workshops given by the Drupal experts. The conference is free to attend. More details on conference website http://www.drupalcampwroclaw.pl/
We're beginning preparations for another edition of DrupalCamp Wrocław. This time we meet on 29-31 May 2015.
This list is a handy basic tool to quickly find out how well was a Drupal webiste built. It is by no means comprehensive, as a full audit has to take into account particular websites specifics but it is a really good indicator of what you are up against. It a websites fails on many of items on this list, this should raise a red flag.
When you use code driven development on websites based on Drupal sometimes you have to create a menu or a menu item programmatically in hook_update_N. The below code snippets show you how to do that in Drupal 7.
Conference date: 16-18.05.2014 More details: www.drupalcampwroclaw.pl
Recently, while working on a migration to Drupal I encountered a new problem with Drupal database abstraction layer. It turns out that drupal dynamic select queries do not escape column names. This problem does not touch each database type, but it definitely can be problematic when it comes to mysql
Session at DrupalCamp Wrocław 2013
At DrupalCamp Wroclaw I was talking about build and test automation in Drupal. Today i uploaded Virtualbox image where you can find configured Jenkins CI and the example of Drupal project with simple PHPUnit tests.
On Debian, Apache installed from repositories has mod_expires turned off by default. This seriously increases server load. So what does mod_expires do? It "controls the setting of the Expires HTTP header and the max-age directive of the Cache-Control HTTP header"... Let me explain. The module allows apache to inform clients (eg. You browser) about the length of time a particular asset can treat as valid.
Good became even better. Two companies who strived to provide high quality drupal service have merged to deliver an even better offer for customers seeking expert drupal knowlegde.

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