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It is not enough for a website to work perfectly. It is also important that it is attractive due to its design.

On the blog, you will find articles with examples of websites and applications that can inspire you when looking for solutions for your own business. In our texts, we answer the questions like: why is it worth investing in a Design System, what can you gain from design workshops, how to prepare forms in e-commerce, how to improve the Intranet in terms of User Experience, and what is the purpose of a website prototype.

In Droptica we work with clients a lot to improve their corporate websites. Your website can always be better. We have prepared a list of things you can change to improve it visually. Thanks to this list, your website will look better. 1. Ensure a consistent typography One of the main elements on a site is text. For texts to look good, they should be created using properly selected fonts. Make sure you use up to 2-3 font types on your site.

Nowadays, people spend more time than ever being glued to the screen, so they can see hundreds of different websites each month. Are they even engaged when most of the websites look the same? Does your website stand out from competitors and is a real attention-grabbing machine?  The average American internet user spends twenty-four hours a week browsing the web.

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