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Here you’ll find the ideas and examples of e-commerce solutions.

Whether you're building a standard online store, or want to sell digital, downloadable or subscription products, we’ll explain to you how to do it with the Drupal Commerce ecosystem.

Drupal Commerce payment modules to implement on a website. Drupal Commerce themes increasing conversions. Using the open source Sylius system to build a personalized e-shop. Increasing sales from mobile devices. These are just a few of the many topics you’ll find here.

Drupal Commerce is a comprehensive tool for selling physical products over the Internet. In this post, we will show you how to set up a store with little effort, in order to sell electronic products, or more precisely – to sell access to any files. In addition to Commerce, I will use the Group module to achieve the goal.

When creating an e-commerce platform for a given industry, one needs to adapt the system to specific types of products. Every product type has different characteristics, e.g. size, colour, etc. Check out how easily you can customise Drupal Commerce to sell any type of product. We are happy to tell you how to easily add attributes to products for several selected industries. We are a Drupal agency and we deal with it every day. Attributes are the characteristics of given product types.

At Droptica, we designed and implemented a new design of an online store for mobile devices for one of the oldest publishers in Poland. We used Drupal 7 Commerce and did some search engine optimisation. The results? Increased sales! Publishing house Three years ago we started cooperating with Wydawnictwo WAM Publishing House, one of the oldest Polish Catholic publishers, providing them with our Drupal development services.

The entry barrier in e-commerce is relatively low, which is confirmed by the fact that there are over 800,000 e-commerce websites in Europe alone. However, entering the industry comes with great competition. So, what are the unique e-commerce challenges?  Newbie online merchants need to tackle not only small players but also e-commerce giants like Amazon or Alibaba.

It’s been two years since the première of Drupal 8. We already got used to the differences between versions 7 and 8, and a lot of websites were created based on D8. Many Drupal 7-based websites are applications that use Drupal Commerce – an e-commerce module for Drupal. Many of the applications were set-up with the Commerce Kickstart distribution, which was based on this add-on. What’s the way to do it with D8?

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