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Why is it worth using PHP? Which PHP framework is the best: Drupal, Laravel, or Symfony?

In our articles, we describe and evaluate specific functionalities, analyze solutions in new PHP versions, and show the differences between the frameworks.

PHP is the most popular programming language, with the use of which over 82% of websites on the Internet are built, like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or Check how to join this group.

Everyone learns from mistakes. In this article I will point out a cardinal one, which leads to a situation where the controller contains several hundred lines of code and becomes unreadable and very difficult to maintain. However, I will present a few ways to solve it.

Laravel is a very extensive framework that gives the user many tools and opportunities to work on the project. I decided to present you today some less known, but very useful opportunities provided by the creators. I hope this will have a positive effect on the intuitiveness and speed of writing the code.

For each project, it needs to be decided which technology to use. For web development purposes, firms most frequently decide to go for PHP frameworks. But which of them to choose? Today, I decided to introduce the two most popular PHP frameworks: Symfony and Laravel, and thus compare their similarities and demonstrate differences along with their usefulness in terms of specific types of projects.

Managing libraries, their dependencies and versions is a problem that many technologies and programming languages have encountered in their history. The PHP world has also suffered from difficulties in managing and distributing libraries in the past. Check out how to deal with package management in a PHP application using the Composer dependency manager now.

The release of PHP 8, scheduled for November, is approaching. On the occasion of this new version, we publish an interview with Droptica developers who say what are the greatest advantages of PHP programming, what to pay attention when creating a business website in PHP and what to do if you want to expand the current one.

Facebook, CNBC, NASA, Wikipedia, Business Insider, Harvard University... these are just some examples of websites built on PHP – the most popular programming language used by 82% of websites. Continuous development and a huge community make PHP the choice e.g. of start-ups which consider PHP as the perfect solution, as well as large companies and institutions around the world. In the text below I describe how it all began and how the successive versions have changed over the years.

PHP is an interpreted programming language, which has long struggled to improve its performance, which was particularly bleak in comparison to other competing programming languages used in web development. Among what is new in PHP 8, the JIT compiler deserves special attention, as it was officially included in the latest version. Will this step be an actual breakthrough, or nothing but a blip, an interesting addition to the language? Let's see what real benefits it can bring and whether it will bring any real-world improvement of the performance of your application.

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