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Code Quality - What is Good Code and Why It Is important for Your Company?

Many articles have been written about what characterizes good code, how to write good code, and why good code is… good from the programming side. We can easily find them online and on our blog. Today, however, we want to approach the impact of good (or bad) code on software from the business side. Why is it not worth saving money at the beginning of creating a new system and how bad code can generate huge costs in the future?

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Refactoring: What is It, and When is It Best to Perform It?

Maintaining the existing code is a very important process that shouldn't be downplayed. Unfortunately, more time and resources are often spent on implementing new functionalities at the expense of maintaining the current code. Of course, we all may sometimes be asking ourselves: why fix something that already works? What benefits may it bring?

What are the Top Web Development Trends in 2022 You Should Know?

The year 2022 started not so long ago. Technology is developing very quickly and it's worth taking a look at what novelties await us in the coming months. Learning more about them will allow you to stay up to date and not be left behind. The following list covers issues from many areas, but all of them have one thing in common – which is web development.

Drupal vs WordPress: What are the differences and which is better?

In terms of popularity, WordPress is second to none. It can be safely assumed that every third website works under the control of this system. It's so popular that recently it's been used for almost everything. From blogs through forums to online stores. Drupal is much less popular, but also keenly used for all kinds of websites. So what do these two CMS platforms have in common and what makes them different?

Working with the Laravel Database - 8 Useful Tips

Laravel is known for its high intuitiveness and comfort of code-writing. Many things were designed by the Laravel creators to simplify the programmers' work with this framework. It’s the same when working with the database. The documentation will be a valuable source of information for you. However, in this text, I'll show you the aspects that aren’t included there. Thanks to them, your work with the database in Laravel will reach a higher level.

Test Driven Development in Laravel

Test Driven Development saves time and resources. Any errors in the application can be detected faster, because first we write a test for functionality that does not exist, and only then the code. Fewer people are involved in the entire process. In this text you will learn how it is done in Laravel.

Laravel - Intuitiveness and Speed of Writing Code

Laravel and Symfony are the frameworks compared very often, and there is a lot of discussion about them in the forums. Today, however, I do not want to focus on comparing, but on showing the advantages of Laravel and describing what made the greatest, obviously positive impression on me.

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