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Building multifunctional websites and web applications is hardly an easy task. We support ourselves in this process with various programming languages and tools.

We are the largest and best-known company dealing with creating and supporting Drupal-based websites in Poland. Our areas of expertise also include Symfony, PHP, ReactJS and front-end development. In our endeavours, we also use a variety of other software solutions, such as PHPStorm, Jenkins and Docker.

We are happy to share our experiences, describing the process of work on building and developing websites and applications at Droptica. Thanks to SCRUM and the right tools such as Slack and Jira, we ensure seamless communication between the team and the client. We systematically improve or change the software we use in order to automate repetitive actions and speed up the development work.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of our work thanks to our extensive blog articles, or you can find out what benefits we can offer you thanks to our Case Studies.
Bartłomiej Filipiuk
Content creation using the Paragraphs module is a completely different approach compared to the "standard" content creation in Drupal. In short: we prepare the components (paragraph type) and then, during the creation of an entry, we select any of the available components. 
Michał Potasiak
Everyone who has ever worked in IT has surely stumbled upon communication issues between programmers and testers, or in other cases, another person whose role was to check whether the task was completed correctly. Speaking with coders, you can hear many anecdotes regarding bug reports and feedback they have received. When returning a task, I often find myself wanting to write just: “It doesn’t work!” However, situations in which nothing actually works are pretty rare.
Paweł Górski
Over the course of recent years, websites have undergone a significant change. Many new services and social media websites have been created, mobile applications now play a very significant role on the internet, and various on-line services exchanging data is nothing out of the ordinary anymore. We could even say that integration with external services is standard now, especially in the case of large e-commerce applications or on-line payment systems.
Paweł Górski
Time has already passed since the premiere of Drupal 8. New projects and modules are released all the time, and there is an ever-increasing number of projects compatible with version 8.x at Sadly, these versions are often still unstable and filled with various bugs.
Maciej Łukiański
Drupal is a bit famous for the number of database queries done against a database. When there are thousands of concurrent users to be served, the database can quickly turn into a major bottleneck. This was the case with - a very popular website with recipes. The website is visited by millions of enthusiasts of cooking.
Grzegorz Bartman
TechnologyBusiness & PM
In the first article about the tools we use, we described our project management and communication tools. Today we will show you how we manage development environments. Local copy In Droptica each programmer works on a local copy of the website. Each task is completed and committed to a separate Git branch and pushed to a remote repository.
Maciej Łukiański
Entity API in Drupal 8 is now baked into core and is now so well organised that there is almost no excuse for creating database tables, which are not entities at the same time.
Grzegorz Bartman
Business & PMTechnology
Building web applications and websites is often a complex and time consuming task which requires a coordination of many different activities. To manage this we use various systems and applications described in this article. The below is described as of the time of writing the article. We continuously improve, change and test our processes and tools to achieve the following:
Grzegorz Bartman
Maciej Łukiański
For the last couple of months we worked on our new website. It took time, because client work always takes precedence. But we finally did it! Design stage As with any new marketing website, we split the project into stages. First, we developed a content strategy - what do we really want to say and why? We wanted to avoid adhoc decisions done during development or design stages. The message is the most important thing on the website, the rest is just the packaging.
Maciej Łukiański
A big change in Drupal 8 is that you can no longer enable and disable modules. You can only install and uninstall. The difference is paramount.

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