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How to Deal with the Server Load Balancing of a Big Web Page?

Today's high traffic websites must handle hundreds of thousands or even millions of simultaneous requests from users or customers and return the correct elements on the web page. They have to do all of that quickly and reliably. For the servers handling a given website, it's a test of whether they'll properly handle the traffic at a given moment so that the end user has uninterrupted and comfortable access to the service.

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What Server Uptime Monitoring Tools are Worth Using?

Server monitoring is a complex process of monitoring the entire server infrastructure and its dependencies in order to analyze the use of system resources and optimize them to provide services to end-users. It's undoubtedly one of the key elements for the efficient operation of infrastructures. Therefore, choosing the right server uptime monitoring tool is important for any company.

What are Continuous Integration Tools for DevOps Engineers?

DevOps is undoubtedly one of the most popular terms in the IT world. Among the prerequisites for working as a DevOps engineer are the skills in the field of software development and knowledge of its implementation processes. Due to the wide range of technologies and the need for having specialist knowledge, it's essential to choose the right tools for work.

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