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Building multifunctional websites and web applications is hardly an easy task. We support ourselves in this process with various programming languages and tools.

We are the largest and best-known company dealing with creating and supporting Drupal-based websites in Poland. Our areas of expertise also include Symfony, PHP, ReactJS and front-end development. In our endeavours, we also use a variety of other software solutions, such as PHPStorm, Jenkins and Docker.

We are happy to share our experiences, describing the process of work on building and developing websites and applications at Droptica. Thanks to SCRUM and the right tools such as Slack and Jira, we ensure seamless communication between the team and the client. We systematically improve or change the software we use in order to automate repetitive actions and speed up the development work.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of our work thanks to our extensive blog articles, or you can find out what benefits we can offer you thanks to our Case Studies.

Users visiting a website expect it to work quickly and smoothly. Therefore, it is the task of the website owners to ensure and maintain this. Such a challenge is even greater for websites with high traffic. Many visitors at the same time can cause problems not only with the website but also with the server infrastructure. We’ll show you how to deal with this using a popular recipe website as an example.

Have you ever shaken your head in disapproval while reading code when you were working on a project? Have you at least once thought to yourself: "This isn't optimal code – it's possible to write it better and more efficiently"? Does adding or changing a theoretically small functionality on your page cause countless problems and require introducing changes to many other areas? If the answer to at least one of these questions is "yes", it may be the time to plan code refactoring.

When creating an application, we often notice that adding new functionalities starts to cause problems. Under the pressure of time, we start to go around them by applying strange and incomprehensible changes to the code. Doing so may force us to rewrite part of the application and not deliver it on time. This is obviously one of the worst-case scenarios, but it's certainly real. The solution is code refactoring. In this article, we'll show you what it is and why it's so important.

Server monitoring is a complex process of monitoring the entire server infrastructure and its dependencies in order to analyze the use of system resources and optimize them to provide services to end-users. It's undoubtedly one of the key elements for the efficient operation of infrastructures. Therefore, choosing the right server uptime monitoring tool is important for any company.

The year 2022 started not so long ago. Technology is developing very quickly and it's worth taking a look at what novelties await us in the coming months. Learning more about them will allow you to stay up to date and not be left behind. The following list covers issues from many areas, but all of them have one thing in common – which is web development.

Pentesters use various tools during an audit to save time and find as many security errors as possible. Some activities can’t be done manually within a reasonable time. An example is the detection of all subpages of a website. There are paid and free tools that allow this to be done. Vulnerability scanners are also created and actively developed. They include solutions that support pentesting.

In the developer's work, it's important to write good-quality code efficiently. We may try to handle everything by ourselves or use the tools that facilitate and accelerate our work. There are many available solutions on the market, so we've decided to make the choice easier for you and suggest what to pay attention to when looking for this type of software, and which specific systems you should be interested in.

DevOps is undoubtedly one of the most popular terms in the IT world. Among the prerequisites for working as a DevOps engineer are the skills in the field of software development and knowledge of its implementation processes. Due to the wide range of technologies and the need for having specialist knowledge, it's essential to choose the right tools for work.

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