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What Is a Local Development Environment and How to Generate It?

We use multiple environments when developing software. We care most about the production environment which is accessible to all users. In the test environment, we check that the changes we make function as they should. There is also a local environment - we could say it is the most important one. It is where application development and maintenance starts. What exactly is it, what does it provide us with and how do we generate it? Let's get down to specifics.

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Code Refactoring Best Practices that will Help You in Your Daily Work

When creating an application, we often notice that adding new functionalities starts to cause problems. Under the pressure of time, we start to go around them by applying strange and incomprehensible changes to the code. Doing so may force us to rewrite part of the application and not deliver it on time. This is obviously one of the worst-case scenarios, but it's certainly real. The solution is code refactoring.

What is the Best PHP IDE and Editor and How to Select the Right Tool?

In the developer's work, it's important to write good-quality code efficiently. We may try to handle everything by ourselves or use the tools that facilitate and accelerate our work. There are many available solutions on the market, so we've decided to make the choice easier for you and suggest what to pay attention to when looking for this type of software, and which specific systems you should be interested in.

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