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Attract new customers, make it easier for your employees to communicate, or sell more products. Whatever your goal is, we can help you build the right website. 

Website development with Droptica

It doesn't matter if you need an intranet, a product catalog, or want to add new functionality to a corporate web page - Droptica developers will do any implementation.
We have more than 10 years of experience developing websites and web applications for a variety of budgets.

We can manage:

  • small website and web application development in a matter of weeks,
  • huge web system development that continues for many years (see what we’ve done for the Better Regulation project).

What web development services do you need?

As a web development agency, we build various websites. For each type, we select the appropriate technology, determine functionalities, and tailor the project to the target group. 

Corporate websites

Get a corporate website that is robust, flexible, and easy for marketers and editors to use. We can build small or complex web pages with multiple functionalities. 

E-commerce websites

Attract customers with a user-friendly and fast store. We can integrate your ecommerce with payment gateways, ERP, shipping systems, and more.

Intranet systems

Support communication in your organization with a reliable intranet portal. We can implement an employee list, FAQ, leave requests, and other features. 

Product design

Create a modern and functional digital product design or implement a brand new layout for your existing project. We can help with UX/UI design, redesign, and more.

Multi-website factories

Build hundreds of websites as you need and keep them fast and optimized. We can provide a separate web page for each brand, product, or even a different country.

Website builder

Equip yourself with a fast and intuitive website builder so you can create sites (i.e., landing pages) from pre-built elements. We’ll teach you and your team how to use it efficiently.

Marketing automation

Run marketing automation with reliable tools to scale your business efforts. We can implement the best solution and support you with its development. 

PIM software

Manage all product information from various sales channels and sources in one PIM system. We can implement a platform and integrate it with the software you need.

These are just a few of the projects we have experience with. We also create dedicated systems that are individually designed and built to meet the needs of a specific client.

Our web design and development process

At Droptica, we have a five-step web development process that ensures your website is not only visually stunning but also functional, secure, and well-optimized. See how we provide end-to-end product development.


1. Discovery

We conduct a discovery workshop with you and our team to determine your business needs, define a problem to solve, and prepare a project plan for the work to follow.


2. Prototyping and design

Our designers create interactive website prototypes for your feedback and functionality testing. Then, they prepare intuitive UX/UI interfaces for a seamless user experience.


3. Development

We develop your website, coding and integrating features for high performance and usability. Our developers also make sure to follow SEO best practices.


4. Website hosting

The team selects reliable hosting solutions, ensuring website accessibility and speed. We take care that your web page is up and running at all times.


5. Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your web page updated, secure, and error-free so you don't have to worry about vulnerabilities.

Web development solutions we use

We specialize in different technologies and solutions to build a successful web application or web page and bring the maximum value to your business.

Frontend development

We build robust and slick interfaces in web apps and websites using various technologies. Our developers have experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 4, Twig, ReactJS, Next.js, Angular, and more.

Backend development

In order to provide a multifunctional and stable system, we are supported in our efforts by many proven programming languages. In our backend work, we use Drupal, PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Python, and more.

Dedicated technologies

Depending on your web development needs, we reach for various technologies. We use Mautic for marketing automation and Pimcore for building information management systems. We create online stores with Drupal Commerce, Sylius, Shopware, and Magento.

Cloud hosting

To ensure that your systems run smoothly and securely, our team works with top-tier hosting providers. We have Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud at our disposal and we always recommend the best solution for your project. Additionally, we provide a wide range of DevOps services.

Training realm website

Web application development - case study

The Training Realm is a web application that empowers users to track exercise sessions, design workout plans, and customize training intensity according to their level.

As part of web development for this project, we’ve created a mobile and desktop application by using Symfony and Angular technologies.


What industries choose our web development services?

Our end-to-end product development services work well for clients in a variety of industries and organizations.

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