Top Manufacturing Blogs That Provide You With Industry Insights

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing, and the experts shaping it have to stay up to date to make the right decisions. Top manufacturing companies follow news about other enterprises to stay ahead of the competition. Below you’ll find manufacturing blogs and online magazines that are worth subscribing to get access to key industry news. Find the right source of information for you.

Multi-industry online manufacturing magazines

A significant part of portals with manufacturing publications don't focus on a single industry (e.g., medicine, construction, electronics, etc.) but provide readers with specialized articles and news from many fields. You can find there regular columns, short pieces of information, longer specialized texts, interviews, and more. The content is also divided by industry so that the users can more easily find blog posts related to their interests. Some of the online magazines offer both free and paid versions, as well as provide the option to sign up for a newsletter.

1. Supply Chain Minded

Supply Chain Minded is an online manufacturing magazine that's primarily about supply chain management. The content is divided by the processes taking place in a company that manufactures goods:

  • planning,
  • purchase and production,
  • transport and storage,
  • returns,
  • supply chain management.

On this portal, one can find observations of experts in the manufacturing industry, interpretations of research, and texts explaining certain industry-related issues. The articles are mostly educational content and news.

The manufacturing blog Supply Chain Minded has categories corresponding to stages of production


On the home page, the user will find the recommended content from each main category. In addition, newsletter subscribers will gain access to the latest texts and regular news about the published materials.

It's worth noting that the author is tagged under each post on the page of a given text. The readers are provided with a short bio of the writer. This increases the credibility of the posts as the user can make sure that the creator of the manufacturing publication is an expert in their field.

2. Industry Today

Industry Today is an online magazine about new technologies and cutting-edge solutions for the manufacturing industry. On the website, one can find articles on various stages of manufacturing processes, assigned to one of three basic groups containing their own subcategories:

  • industries – in this category, texts are divided by industry but also by manufacturing processes,
  • resources – case studies, research, documents, reports, etc. are listed here as subsequent subcategories,
  • media – the content presented in this category includes infographics, podcasts, webinars, and videos.
On the Industry Today manufacturing blog, it's possible to filter articles by the industry types


There's more than just the blog. Industry Today is also creating a digital manufacturing magazine. This is the right choice for those who miss the traditional press. The magazine is animated – the pages turn when clicked, just like in a regular newspaper or book. The portal also provides access to archived issues.

3. The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer publishes daily compilations of the most interesting news related to manufacturing, summaries of industry events, as well as reflections on the effectiveness of various technologies. The authors cooperating with this portal focus mainly on publishing the details of the latest events related to the manufacturing sector. The website also features educational and informative content that includes data from reports published by industry companies or research agencies. Among the published articles, there are also discussions on the results of recently conducted research.

The texts about manufacturing appearing in this online magazine are divided into the content related to:

  • technologies (automation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the use of data in business),
  • innovations,
  • management,
  • sustainable development,
  • people and skills.


Automation is one of the categories of articles published on The Manufacturer blog


By browsing the content promoted on the home page, the reader already receives a lot of information about it before clicking on a specific article. Posts contain the name of the category to which they've been added and hashtags describing the topics discussed in them. These tags can also be used to browse publications that are thematically similar. The reader just needs to click on one of them and the web page will redirect them to a specific set of texts.

Manufacturing technology blogs

Blogs about manufacturing technology discuss innovations and new solutions in the field of manufacturing management, as well as technical parameters and functionalities of devices. The content published on such websites is aimed at an audience with highly technical knowledge and interests.

4. Packaging World

Packaging World is a portal dedicated to the packaging industry. You can read about the design and creation activities, as well as about the process of putting goods in packages and the devices used for this purpose. Manufacturing industry news is presented in the form of articles, interviews, and videos.

The Leaders in Packaging 2022 ranking is presented on the home page. After clicking on a given category, the names of the distinguished companies appear. By hovering over them, it’s possible to see a short description of the organization and its portfolio, recommended videos, and products. There is also a button in the small window that allows you to quickly go to the website of the manufacturing company.

The Packaging World manufacturing blog showcases different types of content like articles and videos

In the subsequent sections, the most popular articles, videos with industry news, paper editions of the manufacturing magazine, newsletter subscription form, and downloadable files (reports, documents, offers) are promoted. Having access to such diverse forms of information, the reader will surely find something of interest in this blog.

5. Manufacturing.net

On the Manufacturing.net blog, you can find content related to the automotive, aerospace, and energy industry, as well as on software and supply chain management. A large part of the published materials consists of news presented in the form of short messages or more extensive information texts. Both forms often contain statements by employees of given companies (quoted from other websites), as well as authors' comments.

Besides written content, you can also find podcast episodes on the Manufacturing.net blog


In addition to texts, podcasts and videos are also published on this blog. Subpages with these materials are usually supplemented with a large number of links redirecting to the sources recommended to the listener or viewer by the author or editors. On the page of each article, video, or podcast, there are sections with the latest and related content from that category. Such an approach makes it easier for readers and listeners to discover recently published pieces of information and switch between them in seconds.

Aerospace manufacturing blogs

The scope of the aerospace industry includes both traditional aviation, as well as astronautics. Articles on these manufacturing blogs cover machinery, spacecraft and aircraft hardware, software, and more.

6. Aerospace Manufacturing

The Aerospace Manufacturing information website mainly publishes texts on civil aviation (covering the transport of passengers and goods), as well as on new technologies. The posts are divided into news, functionalities, and products. Many of these contain details on events at leading companies in the aerospace industry. The authors write about new solutions and their effectiveness. They cite research results and describe the tests conducted by enterprises. In addition to highly technical and business-related content, the portal also features lighter articles, more related to industry tidbits and news on amateur inventions that don't have a significant impact on the industry. These aim to provide readers with entertainment.

The Aerospace Manufacturing blog presents articles on industry-related news, features, and products


In addition to texts published on the blog are also materials promoting the latest industry events (conferences, training courses) and the paper or digital version of the magazine. On the web page, you can also view product catalogs and brochures of popular manufacturing companies in the aerospace industry.

Sustainable manufacturing blogs

The implementation of sustainable production process patterns is one of the most important trends in manufacturing. However, the introduction of new good practices in an organization requires being up to date with them. The authors of this type of blog publish articles about manufacturing, taking into account research results, reports, and case studies.

7. Environment + Energy Leader

The Environment + Energy Leader portal provides readers with texts related to sustainable manufacturing, e.g., electricity availability forecasts for business, information from the life of various enterprises, as well as reviews of studies and reports. The division of the blog into categories is quite detailed. It covers various fields such as energy, plants and buildings, transportation, cities, and supply chain management.

The Environment + Energy Leader manufacturing blog contains quite detailed article categories


The posts that can be found on this website are news about various companies operating in the manufacturing market, solutions to reduce the negative impact of their activities on the environment, as well as analyses of the condition of the manufacturing industry around the world. The current market research is often cited in these articles.

The columns on the right advertise events that require registration and downloadable documents (reports, e-books, etc.). Reports and other content are also promoted under informative blog posts. These (as well as webinar recordings) are accessible after completing the registration form.

Manufacturing blogs - summary

Experts who care about maintaining a competitive advantage follow industry magazines and websites. Manufacturing blogs differ in their thematic scope (some publish texts about a single industry, while others write about many). Not all of them limit themselves to publishing simple blog posts, either. Podcasts, videos, and infographics are also posted on these types of portals.

It's a good idea to follow industry-related information and implement the latest solutions. We can help you with this as part of design and development services for the manufacturing industry.