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Building multifunctional websites and web applications is hardly an easy task. We support ourselves in this process with various programming languages and tools.

We are the largest and best-known company dealing with creating and supporting Drupal-based websites in Poland. Our areas of expertise also include Symfony, PHP, ReactJS and front-end development. In our endeavours, we also use a variety of other software solutions, such as PHPStorm, Jenkins and Docker.

We are happy to share our experiences, describing the process of work on building and developing websites and applications at Droptica. Thanks to SCRUM and the right tools such as Slack and Jira, we ensure seamless communication between the team and the client. We systematically improve or change the software we use in order to automate repetitive actions and speed up the development work.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of our work thanks to our extensive blog articles, or you can find out what benefits we can offer you thanks to our Case Studies.

Our previous article on AI terms introduced you to the basic dictionary. In this part, we'll dive into more specialized phrases that will help you understand the technical discourse and enable you to discuss AI systems with more tech-oriented people. You'll also find some explanations of the inner workings of existing AI solutions such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, HuggingFace, etc.

After the „AI revolution of 2022,” there is one simple conclusion – AI isn’t a fad that will go away anytime soon, but it will stay with us for some time. This spawned new positions within the industry and a lot of new phrases. There are many terms when discussing AI. Some of them are self-explanatory, and some can be confusing and unclear. Hopefully, after reading our articles on this topic, you won’t be surprised when someone throws this new terminology at you.

Now that there is no way in the world to perform without the Internet, having a website for your business is a total must. Unmonitored and left to its own devices, however, it can do more harm than good. In this article, we'll outline what dangers your web page faces if you forget to monitor it.

Efficiently running a Drupal website involves more than just content updates and design tweaks. Understanding application monitoring within the Drupal ecosystem is critical to maintaining web page performance and ensuring a seamless user experience. In this guide, you’ll learn about the importance of monitoring, and highlighting key metrics and practical tools.

Is React just a fad or one of the cornerstones in the modern frontend? In our guide, we'll discover how this library can transform your approach to application design. We'll explore its key concepts, practical usage, and best practices necessary for effective IT project implementation.

As a startup owner or a SaaS product developer, you're constantly looking for ways to offer more value to your customers. One effective practice is integrating external solutions into your online product. If you plan to use an email marketing tool for this purpose, consider Mautic – a remarkable open-source marketing automation platform. Here's why choosing this software can be a game-changer for your clients.

Starting a new business venture can be an exciting journey filled with several possibilities. But with limited resources, workforce, and budget constraints, startups often face challenges when it comes to marketing and customer engagement. In this situation, tools come to the rescue. One that stands out is Mautic, which is a free-to-use marketing software. Why is it suitable for startups? Discover the eight compelling reasons.

Website migration is, for many people, changing to a new website. However, it’s worth understanding what this activity actually entails. It's not just switching or updating a CMS but also a process that can significantly affect the web page's performance, security, and alignment with modern standards. In this article, we’ll focus on the general approach to migration, but we’ll use Drupal as an example to provide a comprehensive perspective on the topic.

In the digital age, website security is essential to the success of any business. Without ensuring that your web page is safe, you not only expose your company to several problems but also risk losing your customers’ trust. Do you know how to secure a website effectively? In this blog post, we'll describe what practices are most effective.

In the dynamic technology world, we see a growing challenge with legacy software, i.e. outdated systems and applications. The reasons for maintaining them range from large infrastructure investments to business disruption concerns. In this article, we outline the importance of legacy software, the challenges associated with it, and strategies to improve the performance, security, and flexibility of IT systems.

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