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Discover managed Mautic hosting in the cloud.

Mautic hosting tailored to your needs

Whether your company is a startup wanting to integrate Mautic into your offering or an enterprise organization looking for a robust, hands-free hosting solution - we can help. We offer Mautic hosting, which meets the needs of various needs and organizations.

Talk to us, and we can find a solution that will fit to your business case.

Various Mautic hosting options

Various pricing models

We offer various pricing models tailored to the needs of our clients. Pay-per-contact or pay-per-instance - both options are available. Contact us for an in-depth analysis of your business case.

White labeled Mautic

We can create a dedicated instance of Mautic that will fit into your business offering with your colour palette.

Host with us or by yourself

Host in our cloud or on your premises. We can manage Mautic wherever you want to have it. 

Launch multiple instances

Our cloud hosting infrastructure allows us to quickly deploy multiple instances of Mautic for you and manage them at scale. Offer a Mautic instance to each of your clients!

Custom plugins and integrations

We allow custom plugins and integrations. We can also create these for you. Integrate with your systems. Tailor Mautic to your needs.


We are ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant. Your data is safe with us.

Example hosting pricing

Email templatesUnlimitedUnlimited
Update of campaign segmentsevery 30 minutesevery 15 minutes
Managed updatesYesYes
Dedicated supportYesYes
Uptime guarantee95%99.5% SLA
Free OnboardingYesYes
Additional development costsContact salesContact sales
GDPR compliantYesYes

Custom branding


Possible (inquire)Possible (inquire)

Joined pricing for multiple instances

(eg. instance per department or per your client)

-Possible (inquire)

Instance-based costing

(rather than per-contact hosting)

Possible (inquire)Possible (inquire)
Pricing based on per contact basis
> 1 000$196n/a
> 2 500$200n/a
> 5 000$269n/a
> 10 000$285$687
> 25 000$418$768
> 50 000$598$1 018
> 100 000$730$1 195
> 500 000$2 145$3 217
> 1 000 000$4 719$7 079
over 1 000 00Contact salesContact sales
MG 1202 Blur

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