Droopler Installation

Droopler Installation

1. Run Composer

$ composer create-project droptica/droopler-project  "^8.3.0"
$ cd droopler
$ composer install

2. Run npm

For speeding up the development of new web pages, Droopler uses the Gulp stack. It compiles SCSS to CSS, minimizes all JavaScript files, and enables Autoprefixer to deal with browser compatibility.

Install Node v13 and npm on your computer and in the root directory of your project run the following commands:

$ npm install --global gulp-cli
$ cd web/profiles/contrib/droopler/themes/custom/droopler_theme
$ npm install
$ gulp compile
$ cd -
$ cd web/themes/custom/droopler_subtheme
$ npm install
$ gulp compile

3. Run Drupal installation

Now, go to http://yourserver.local/install.php and follow the configuration steps.


You can find more information about working with Droopler on our Github site.