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Increase sales, reach new customers, and build brand awareness by choosing an agency that offers a full range of services - from audit to website development and tool integration.

Fulfill your marketing and sales needs with Droptica

As a marketer or salesperson, do you need a well-optimized corporate website, support for your marketing campaigns, or a well-organized online store? We can help you with these tasks and many more!

Create a well-optimized website with Drupal

✔️ We can build your corporate website using Drupal. This fast, SEO-optimized, open source system allows you to make changes as needed.

✔️ When the web page is ready, we’ll introduce you to the CKEditor. This tool will enable you to easily customize visual elements, edit content, and organize paragraphs.

✔️ For this purpose, we’ll also show you ready-made components. Using them block by block, you’ll be able to create beautiful subpages and landing pages all by yourself.





Audit your web page to improve SEO

✔️ We can perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your existing Drupal website to evaluate its page speed, security, and mobile responsiveness.

✔️ As a result of the audit, we’ll prepare a list of SEO optimization recommendations. If you wish, we can also solve identified issues.

✔️ Our agency specializes in speeding up Drupal websites. We can shorten the web page load time, which users and Google will appreciate.

Use marketing automation to increase conversions

✔️ We have experienced Mautic developers and consultants on board. They can help you implement, set up and maintain this marketing automation software.

✔️ Our professionals will show you how to use this open source tool’s features, such as lead capture, content personalization, analytics, and more, to achieve your business goals.

✔️ We can also create some Mautic plugins, especially for you. As a result, your platform will be upgradeable and extensible for various integrations (e.g., CRM).





Build robust web apps in the needed technology

✔️ We excel at working with various open source technologies such as Drupal, PHP, Symfony, Laravel, React, and Next.js. Using them, we build fast and optimized websites.

✔️ We can develop your web application (frontend and backend) using the same existing technology or migrate it to a more suitable system.

✔️ If you aren’t sure which technology is right for your website, we can help you choose the best solution. We’ll analyze your needs and requirements.

Select a handy CMS to create great blog content

✔️ We develop custom CMS that accelerates content editing, workflow, and publishing. We work with Drupal and its distribution – Thunder CMS.

✔️ We can optimize and support your existing Drupal CMS. We can also migrate your system to the fast and scalable software if you use unsatisfactory technology.

✔️ With Thunder CMS, you can get custom-made paragraphs with a predefined design or sections to embed content elements (i.e., social media posts, ads, and videos) depending on your marketing team's needs.





Reach for ecommerce system to grow sales

✔️ We can build an online store for you from scratch or enhance your existing shop. Our programmers work with Drupal Commerce or Sylius to give you a system that leads to increased conversions.

✔️ We customize platforms for various purposes, such as room booking systems, e-book shops, software license stores, and more.

✔️ Our developers can implement various ecommerce integrations (payment and shipping methods, reviews, and related product suggestions) to improve your customer journey.

Use landing pages for marketing campaigns

✔️ We can help you reduce the time it takes to develop marketing campaigns. Thanks to Droopler’s implementation, you’ll be able to create user-friendly and attractive landing pages within 1-3 hours.

✔️ With our free and fast Drupal distribution, you can build and manage any marketing page you need. For example, you can launch a new offer subpage and drive traffic to it from your Google Ads campaign.

✔️ Droopler has several marketing-oriented components, such as banners, CTA buttons, text paragraphs, and sidebar images, that you can adapt to your goals.





Design beautiful websites to attract users

✔️ Within our digital product design services, we build modern, sleek, and intuitive web applications. Our team of designers can help you form your ideas and turn them into real projects.

✔️ We also provide UX and UI design to ensure the usability of your website and simplify navigation. Our specialists plan the look and behavior of features and prepare mock-ups.

✔️ If your web application requires some changes, we can also perform a website redesign. We identify problems and needs and then create a new layout.

Choose additional tools to boost marketing strategy

✔️ Your marketing team can count on us if they need to speed up the content workflow, increase lead acquisition or easily analyze website traffic.

✔️ We can provide a CMS integration with various tools: marketing automation systems (e.g., Mautic, HubSpot), analytics solutions (e.g., Google Analytics), and social media channels.

✔️ Our developers can connect your CMS with an ad server, such as Google Ad Manager or OpenX. As a result, you’ll be able to serve ads and manage campaigns directly from your content system.



Services for marketers and sales teams - examples

If you want to see what we can accomplish, check out our case studies to learn more.

The home page of Zawsze Pomorze, which is a Polish news article website based on Drupal CMS

Zawsze Pomorze - custom CMS for news magazine

For the online magazine Zawsze Pomorze, we implemented a custom CMS based on Thunder. Our goal was to create a professional, flexible system for running the news portal. We provided handy functionalities, integrated the software with ad campaign management tools, and proposed a reliable hosting solution.

Kwestia smaku website preview

KwestiaSmaku.com - high-traffic recipe website

To satisfy users who visit the website for recipes to cook their meals, we created top-notch functionalities. We added a flexible search bar with different filters, and logged-in visitors were given the ability to create lists of favorite recipes, and private annotations. We also optimized the website performance.


WAM - ecommerce system for book sales

We helped the publishing house WAM develop their online store with ebooks, audiobooks, and books. By implementing Drupal Commerce, we added a new shipping method (pick-up point) and the option to send products as gifts. We also made an integration with the Freshmail email marketing system.

Why choose Droptica for marketing and sales services?

Full-service agency

By choosing Droptica, your marketing experts and sales team can get services from A to Z. We provide analysis, design workshops, web development, hosting, website support and maintenance, and more.

Partnership-based cooperation

We believe that communication and client involvement are essential to the success of a project, so our process is transparent from the beginning. We always evaluate your needs to fully understand the entire scope.

Enterprise-tested tools

Our team has been using open source tools for years, testing and modifying various features to serve projects for marketing teams best. We work with Thunder, Drupal, Mautic, Symfony, Laravel, and many web development tools.

Confirmed customer satisfaction

For more than 10 years, we’ve been delivering projects for our clients. They appreciate the high quality of our services, mutual trust, and focus on results. Our customers' satisfaction is confirmed by reviews on Clutch.

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