Best Corporate Websites and Tips for Designing a Good Webpage

Nowadays, impressing a potential client isn't easy, especially in the business world full of conscious customers, guided mainly by logic and the long-term interest of their own company. Creating a unique corporate webpage is the first step in attracting the customer's attention. In our article, you'll find a handful of corporate website design tips and examples of unique sites.

Why is a well-designed website so important to a corporation?

A webpage can fulfil many functions. First of all, it's a showcase of your company on the web. Thanks to it, you extend your presence on the internet. Having it opens up more opportunities for you to advertise your brand and its positioning. You can conduct marketing activities using landing pages or a blog. By building a website, you create new communication channels for clients. A contact form, live chat or a chatbot can be used to improve communication with customers. The site may also fulfil a sales function if you decide to create an online store.

By creating a platform that stands out from other corporate pages, you increase the likelihood that you'll succeed in attracting potential clients. Interesting and aesthetically pleasing design and functionality guarantee a positive first impression and they strengthen your corporate image. A professional website with beautiful graphics, relevant content, description of services and testimonials from clients allows you to increase customer confidence in your brand and convince them to make a purchase.

Corporate websites – best practices

Are you wondering what good website design practices you should follow? The internet is a treasure trove of knowledge and opinions about creating corporate webpages, and it's worth getting acquainted with various sources. However, above all, pay attention to the suggestions of developers and designers who are building your company page. They've created many websites for business and they know what the use of individual solutions entails. However, there are a few topics you should learn more about

Interesting design

A well-thought-out design of a corporate website can attract the customer at their very first glance and make them stay longer on the page. Remember to use original high-quality graphic materials whenever possible. It's worth focusing on creating unique graphics that'll become characteristic of your brand. The interactivity of elements and unusual solutions, such as the use of gamification, will encourage users to browse your corporate site.

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A web page, just like any other digital product, is designed to help the customer achieve a specific goal, e.g. contacting the company, making a purchase, or viewing the services. Make sure that your website provides potential clients with access to the functionalities that'll allow them to fulfil their needs, e.g. the ability to make an online purchase, to quickly contact a client assistant or read a corporate blog. It's necessary to conduct tests to eliminate errors that interfere with the use of the page.


A website shouldn’t only be interesting, but also easy to use. If the customer doesn't know how to achieve their goal (find the necessary information, make the purchase, make the appointment with a client assistant), they'll quickly leave the site. The navigation on the web page should be simple and straightforward, so that the customer's path while navigating the site is as natural as possible. You need to think about how to build the menu and how the internet user is supposed to navigate between the subpages.


In an age where mobile devices are in use everywhere, employees of large companies sometimes use phones to find the right supplier of products or services. A web page that doesn’t open correctly on a mobile device or is difficult to understand will immediately put a potential client off. The responsiveness of a website is a modern standard that should be kept in mind when creating it.

Best corporate sustainability websites

More and more companies want to become socially and ecologically responsible, hence the emergence of corporations advising on sustainable development. Before you start building a website for your organization, check out some examples of similar pages.

B Lab

B Lab is a large organization that creates solutions helping companies to plan and implement sustainable development strategies. The corporate website designed to present the B Impact Assessment tool deserves special attention. It's used to assess the company's impact on the clients, employees, environment and society.

The authors of the page created a very aesthetically pleasing design and used original graphics, such as the one placed in the hero section, which is associated with:

  • progress (the cityscape),
  • distance reduction (the rural landscape merging with the urban landscape)
  • and renewable energy (the graphics include elements such as sun and windmills).

Immediately below this section, we'll find an incentive to join over 100 thousand companies using this free tool, and the logos of several well-known companies that have chosen this solution (e.g. Kickstarter).

The main graphic on the B Impact Assessment website refers to its purpose - promoting sustainable development

Source: B Impact Assessment

In the section below, we'll find the testimonials from the clients. It's not even half of the home page, and the visitor is already under the influence of many positive stimuli. Scrolling further down, we move on to a more detailed description of the product. This part of the website is enlivened with simple graphic effects.

The remaining subpages, which we can visit, explain to the customer why and how they should change their company for the better. After finishing reading the first step, we can quickly move to the second step, and then to the third, thanks to the buttons at the bottom of the page.


EcoVadis is a corporation that assesses and reports the level of sustainable development among the businesses around the world. In the hero section, there's a photo dominated by the green color, which is associated with nature, healthy environment and ecology.

The use of videos on corporate websites is an increasingly common practice. There is a play symbol in the center of the photo placed in the hero section of the EcoVadis page. By clicking it, the user opens a video presentation. While watching it, they can listen to the voice-over explaining why it's worth taking care of sustainable development and how EcoVadis can help.

On the Ecovadis corporate website, users will find the advantages of using the services of this company

Source: EcoVadis

The subsequent sections of the home page explain the advantages of using the services of this company. They contain simple yet eye-catching animations. The website has many subpages that present various solutions aimed at large companies. They also contain the videos telling about phenomena related to the content on a given subpage, e.g. emissions of carbon-containing substances. In this way, the company limits the amount of content, which has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the webpage.

Best corporate technology websites

How can a technology corporation convince potential clients that it knows the latest trends in its field? By creating a webpage in line with the best practices of corporate website design. The following companies decided to use modern design for their websites.


ITI provides comprehensive IT services for companies. The scope of services of this corporation includes data centre management, creating personalized cloud-based solutions for business, taking care of the security of electronic resources of the company, offering solutions in the field of smart building, etc.

The ITI page features large, bold typography, subtle animations and high-quality visualizations. The blue Let’s Talk button next to the menu stands out sharply and encourages visitors to take action and establish communication. The website uses interesting effects and color changes of its elements. It makes the user browsing the site feel as if it was living its own life. At the same time, thanks to the use of bright colors, the aesthetic measures don’t seem to be exaggerated.

ITI's corporate website features interesting typography and intuitive navigation

Source: ITI

The navigation is intuitive and it's easy to find the needed information. What's more, the page is so interestingly designed that in a way it draws the user deeper and deeper, providing new information and convincing them to use ITI services.

Inventia Life Science

Inventia Life Science focuses on the development, production and sale of the equipment and reagents for advanced medical testing using 3D bioprinting. The ILS corporate website is modern yet simple. The dominant white color immediately brings to mind associations related to medicine, science and sterile laboratory space.

While scrolling down the page, we see an interesting introduction of graphic elements, and the graphics used, resembling the look of cells under a microscope, strongly refer to the industry represented by ILS. The website also includes photos of employees performing their duties in the laboratories and videos presenting device operation.

The webpage of Inventia Life Science is one of the best corporate technology websites

Source: Inventia Life Science

The contact form and the Contact sales button are already on the home page, which makes it easier for a potential client to quickly send an inquiry.

On the Platform subpage, you can find simplified information on how to use the product, which gives the impression that it's easy to use and encourages you to make a purchase. You'll also notice a short list of the advantages of the product.

On this corporate website, scientific simplicity is combined with high aesthetics achieved through the artistic application of the graphics depicting human cells under a microscope.

Best corporate recruiting websites

The most important thing in the promotional activities of corporations dealing with recruitment is to convince potential business clients of the professionalism, effectiveness and ability to quickly implement the recruitment processes. Employment agencies try to achieve this effect in various ways.


TriNet is a corporation that offers comprehensive recruitment services. The company uses expressive, dark elements (black and orange), contrasting with the light background. Such a design draws attention to the published content and helps to convey it.

The elements dynamically appearing while scrolling down the page make it easier for the user to find the buttons and sections they're interested in. The gradual appearance of the content also gives visitors more time to get familiar with one element (a paragraph, photo, video, or button), because they aren't distracted by numerous information windows.

On the TriNet website, you will find concise texts and interesting photos

Source: TriNet

The website is captivating not only thanks to its well-thought-out design, but also thanks to the introduction of interactive elements. After scrolling down to the very bottom of the home page, you'll find buttons with the sizes of companies. Clicking one of them brings up a list of suggested services for this type of organization, and after pressing a given service, you'll see a short description of it. The TriNet website is very extensive and engaging, so the user is sure to spend some time on it.

Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions

The Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions recruitment company also uses a bold design. Their corporate webpage is dominated by the white color, but it's decorated with large elements in various shades of blue.

The most characteristic elements of this page are the wide, decorative bars that cross the page almost along its entire length. They attract attention and intrigue the visitor. Also quite large are the photos with the names of services with texts linked to them. After clicking the photo, the visitor is redirected to a subpage dedicated to the description of a specific area of the corporation's activity. Thanks to this, they can easily and quickly obtain the information of interest to them.

The client testimonials section covers more than half the width of the page. It's placed in the centre and highlighted by the use of contrast. A simple white window with the opinions of business partners has been placed on a wide, two-color decorative bar, crossing this section diagonally. It's impossible to miss, so the potential customer will almost certainly learn about the positive feedback from satisfied clients.

The Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions website is distinguished by its design and transparency

Source: Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions

Scrolling down the page, you'll pass the large image of the president of the corporation with a button, which after clicking will redirect you to his biography. If you decide to browse further, on the darker bar you'll see which companies have used the services of Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions. The examples of organizations that have worked with this agency increase the trust of the person viewing the page.

Further down the page, you can see the slogan Free coffee and consultation, intended to encourage you to arrange a business meeting. Below we can also find the explicit Book Appointment CTA. This corporate website is interesting, easy to navigate, and eye-catching.

Best corporate PR and communication websites

The companies dealing with brand communication know the importance of making a good first impression. Many corporations could find inspiration on their webpages.


PRCO is a global PR agency and their website is a bit unusual compared to other companies in the industry. In the hero section, you'll see the image of a forest. The depth of the photo makes the user feel as if the picture is drawing them inside.

When scrolling down, you'll see multiple images with headers that link to different sections of the website (services, portfolio). Few of the images seem to be related to marketing at first glance. We see cityscapes, photos of building interiors and of people. Only after a while, we realize that these are photos from various campaigns created by the agency. There is also very little text on the home page. The potential client will spend some time enjoying the beautiful, high-quality images. It's very likely that after such an experience they'll start browsing the subpages with interest.

The PRCO corporate website presents the company's achievements mainly through high-quality photos

Source: PRCO

This project is an example of an unusual approach to user experience design in this industry. The website doesn't contain too much text, but it delights with pictures.


Dentsu, a powerful network of marketing agencies, helps to build the image of companies almost all over the world. The interesting video placed in the hero section emphasizes the brand's global and worldwide approach to business. The video contains scenes and elements suggesting that the Dentsu teams around the world rely on the latest solutions and creativity in promoting their clients' organizations.

The website isn't overly complicated. Its creators planned the navigation well. There are also not too many buttons that redirect to other subpages. The creators achieved the page's depth using contrasts – black fields on a white background. The content is scarce, but the headlines are large and quickly noticeable. After scrolling about halfway down the page, you'll see a portfolio consisting of several shots of famous brands' campaigns. After clicking a given image, you'll be redirected to a more detailed description of the campaign.

The Dentsu website uses the contrast of black and white

Source: Dentsu

Particularly noteworthy are the well-structured case study pages, containing specific information important to the visitor. At the top of each subpage of this type, the user will find three types of data presented in the form of numbers. They represent the success and achievements of the campaign. Below we'll find a recording from the campaign, and even further down – a detailed description in the form of three columns with content – Challenge, Solution, Result. This helps to isolate and indicate to the potential client the problems that the agency can solve and the solutions that they apply. Thanks to such measures used on their website, Dentsu created a strong, specific message for the business. It's a good example of a carefully thought-out corporate webpage.

Best corporate websites of food companies

Visual stimuli affect the imagination. At the sight of a picture of a burger, we can almost feel its taste and smell. What's more, in our culture food isn't only a basic need, but can also become a pleasant ritual. Big restaurant chains and corporations from the food industry know about this, which is why they pay so much attention to creating aesthetically pleasing and interesting websites.


There are few brands in the food industry as recognizable as Coca-Cola. The brand of the favourite sugary drink of millions of people around the world is present in almost every communication channel. But what about Coca-Cola's webpage? The company is well-aware that the cultures, passions and expectations of people around the world differ. After opening the Coca-cola.com website, you can choose the country you are interested in. You'll then see the site, news and graphics carefully selected for the users from a given country.

Of course, these pages often have something in common. Seasonal advertisements will appear at the top of the sites. The Our Brands subpage is also one of the permanent elements of the website. In the hero section, Poles will find some changing information about Coca-Cola's involvement in cooperation with a foundation supporting the employment program for women and about the company's ideas for environmental protection. The Irish will also see advertisements for other corporate-owned products (e.g. Fanta) in the hero section and an incentive to vote for the People's Choice Award charity initiative.

By browsing the websites made for Coca-Cola fans from around the world, you can learn a bit about their taste preferences. On some subpages (e.g. the Icelandic one), you'll find buttons that redirect to the areas with descriptions of specific products, and on others (e.g. the Japanese one) – recipes for Coke Mix, i.e. the drinks and desserts based on Coca-Cola products.

The Coca-Cola website varies in appearance and content by country

Source: Coca-Cola

Suggestive graphics, colourful buttons, videos, animated hero sections – all this makes the user want to delve deeper into the corporate webpage of Coca-Cola.

Babord Group

At first glance, hardly anyone would associate the Babord Group website with a seafood company. The amazing clip from an industry film placed in the hero section, the first seconds of which show the sea and a cutter during fishing, is mesmerising.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see examples of the products offered by the brand, and an artistic graphic with a CTA: Explore the Babord story. After clicking the CTA, we are redirected to the subpage devoted to the history of the company. Thanks to the special button in the lower right corner of the page, we can view the individual "chapters" as if we were reading a book.

On its corporate website, Babord Group presents its history in separate chapters

Source: Babord Group

The main menu is hidden under the button on the left side of the screen, which follows us while scrolling down, without disturbing the engagement with the entire site. Every product has its own page here, decorated with original high-quality photos. You can move freely between descriptions thanks to the arrow-shaped buttons. Therefore, there's no need to keep going back to the menu all the time.

The interactive recipe page with simple animations, where – after selecting the appropriate product – you can go to the subpage containing the instructions necessary to prepare a given dish, also looks interesting.

Best corporate websites - summary

Some technologies - more than others - are suited to complex projects, and such is undoubtedly creating an extensive corporate website. Drupal – the flexible and reliable CMS which our developers specialize in – is often used for this purpose. We've often worked on building corporate webpages with both smaller companies and corporations with multi-million dollar budgets. We'll help you design a website that'll allow you to meet your business goals.

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