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Build an intranet for your employees so they can easily communicate with each other, find the documentation they need, or request vacation time - all in one place. At Droptica, we can help you.

At Droptica, we design intranet systems with features that facilitate the work of all team members.

Make employees' lives easier with an intranet

An intranet or extranet system is an excellent starting point for all your employees. It's a primary platform to connect and stay in touch with the company, especially for those who work remotely and in a distributed mode. It makes it easier for team members to feel part of a large, vibrant organization and witness their impact on it. The intranet allows them to keep up with what's happening in other departments they may not work with on a daily basis and to see how everyone is working together for success.

The intranet developed by Droptica makes it easy to write and publish articles on the platform.

Give your employees a say in the company

An intranet system is not just a collection of information to be viewed. It's a living organism that allows employees to participate in the life of the organization. For instance, people on board can use it to propose changes to the company. Others can vote on them and help make them happen. The intranet also lets you promote company culture and share news from different departments. The easy creation of blog posts means that anyone in the company can be delegated to write and publish articles.

The intranet gives you access to company processes and projects and allows you to create FAQ guides

Keep team members up to date and watch all your projects

By building a corporate intranet for your organization, you can support project management processes and provide access to information for everyone involved. At the same time, you can easily control user permissions and decide who can see personal data, for example, and who has insights into reports or tools. Intranet platforms also allow you to easily create views, such as specialist certifications, employee hierarchies, project durations, or the Frequently Asked Questions section to keep your employees up to date. 



Intranet platforms can have features such as a checklist, calendar or news section

Solve your company's communication problems

At Droptica, we often hear that companies are struggling with poor communication between employees and the ineffective transfer of company information. That's why we help build well-structured intranets as a solution. We design systems with an intuitive interface, a clear content structure, the ability to upload documents, multilingual capabilities, a chat space for exchanging ideas, and much more. We can customize a corporate portal to meet the needs of your organization and, most importantly, your employees.

The functional intranet provides intuitive navigation and well laid out sections for employees.
We can design an intranet to be consistent with the brand identity and the corporate needs.

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Discover how good your intranet system can be

On this web page, you can see the collection of intranet projects we've created at Droptica for our clients or to develop our skills. Do you like any of the solutions? We can help you tailor the corporate platform to your specific requirements.

In an intranet system, you can create a section showing the organizational hierarchy in the company.

Why partner with Droptica?

At Droptica, we are experienced in building intranets. We do it with Drupal, which we've been using for over 10 years. We help you plan the features that work best for your organization, implement Drupal extranet and intranet systems, maintain them, and provide support. We also design user-friendly interfaces for corporate platforms with clear navigation so your employees can find what they need quickly and easily. When you work with us, you choose a transparent process. You have real-time access to project information, budget, and progress. So, maybe it's time to start a journey together?


An intranet portal is a good place to collect tools used by company employees.

What features can we implement in your intranet portal?

Explore the rich features of our Drupal intranet and extranet systems designed to streamline communication, enhance collaboration between different departments, and increase productivity within your organization.

With the following functions, your employees will find everything they need for their day-to-day work – tools, documentation, project lists, and more - all in one place.

The intranet can be used for various purposes. Here is an example of the benefits and points.

The technology behind intranets and extranets

We create intranet and extranet portals on the basis of the Drupal system. It’s an open source software written in PHP. It uses the Symfony framework components. Drupal is perfectly suited for intranet systems. It’s very flexible and allows you to create a corporate platform in stages. It's also easy to integrate with the company's existing systems and offers multilingual capabilities. Thanks to this, you can use it to manage content and communicate in an international environment. 

Droptica is the largest team of Drupal specialists in Poland. By choosing us, you choose an experienced team.

Intranet’s integration with external systems

An intranet system doesn’t have to be autonomous. We can integrate it with other solutions used within your organization.

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LDAP/Active Directory

At Droptica, we specialize in seamlessly integrating intranet systems with LDAP protocols. It ensures heightened security and streamlined access control in your organization. 


Ticket systems

We can connect the intranet portal with your ticket system (e.g., Jira, Redmine, Trello, etc.). In this way, you can present the employees with their assigned tasks on the intranet. 

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Our specialists can integrate your intranet platform with any other systems (e.g.,  ERP, CRM, marketing software), enabling communication via API (REST / JSON, XML, SOAP, etc.).

Blog posts about intranet

Read our articles about intranet systems, their powerful features, and how to use the platform to increase employee engagement.

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