Mautic Conference Global 2024 in a Nutshell. What to Expect at the Conference?

The rocket heading to the planet Mautic Conference Global 2024 is slowly filling up. More participants are boarding, and a set of speakers is already on board. The virtual flight will take off as early as July 10, carrying the crew to a two-day online conference centered around Mautic and marketing automation. We'll be there, too! That's why we're reviewing the event's agenda to find out what the event promises to be like.

Droptica - a Bronze+ sponsor of the event

Mautic Conference Global is the conference that all users and enthusiasts of the Mautic marketing automation platform look forward to every year. The event, taking place on July 10-11, will once again be virtual, thus gathering participants from all over the world in front of their computers, eager to discuss and gain new knowledge. Marketers, project managers, content creators, developers, DevOps, and agency leaders will be among them.

The Droptica team couldn't be left out of this group, either. Developing, supporting, and hosting Mautic has been part of our service for years, so we're constantly trying to learn about new features, solutions, and best practices. And what better way to do that than at an official conference? Well, no! We're happy to be a Bronze+ sponsor of Mautic Conference Global 2024 and to support an event that is entirely dedicated to this technology.

Droptica will once again participate in the Mautic Conference Global 2024 as a Bronze+ sponsor.


What's on the agenda for Mautic Conference Global 2024?

The MautiCon conference has much to offer both experienced Mautic specialists and newcomers who are just starting and taking their first steps in marketing automation with the tool.

The two-day agenda is packed with presentations from professionals. The entire event will last from morning to night (the last sessions on Wednesday are scheduled for 10:30 p.m.). The program includes technical, marketing, and business topics, and the sessions will be conducted in English or German. Let's take a look at some of the agenda items that caught our attention.

Mautic today and in the future

It's already a tradition that during Mautic's signature conference, there is a presentation where we can find out where this open-source platform currently stands. During a session titled The Mautic Update, Ruth Cheesley - Mautic Project Lead - will give an overview of Mautic's current situation and unveil a peek into its future plans.

The online event will also provide an opportunity to take a closer look at the release process for the following tool versions. Mautic 5.0 (along with the planned release of 5.1) will be the subject of a presentation by Mattias Michaux. Director of Engineering at Dropsolid, in his session Enhancing Mautic's Release Planning and Strategy, will talk about a new approach to Mautic's release planning strategy, strongly emphasizing the intended plan and strategic goals. During the talk, we'll learn about milestones along with the expected results that the next releases are expected to deliver, as well as look back at how it went in previous instances.    

The Ask Me Anything session, a meeting with the Mautic Council, will also be of great value to all platform users. A team consisting of Ekkehard GuembeFavour Chibueze, Ruth Cheesley, Jan Linhart, and Dominique De Cooman, who are at the forefront of the Mautica community on a daily basis, will discuss recent developments, goals for the future, or management decisions. Anyone attending MautiCon can submit questions.

Artificial intelligence on the Mautic planet

Artificial intelligence is an issue that never fails to warm up the crowds. So it's no surprise that at this year's Mautic Conference Global, this topic also has representatives. What will we learn about AI?

A significant focus on artificial intelligence in the context of Mautic will be provided by Christopher Penn in his presentation entitled Generative AI For Email Marketing. The Chief Data Scientist at TrustInsights.ai will present five simple techniques to use with any generative AI model. With tips such as building a customer persona and validating email copy for your audience, working with the Mautic tool and similar marketing automation platforms will be faster and more effective.

From the next presentation, we’ll learn how to improve the way we engage customers with AI-driven chatbots. In the session, Revolutionizing Marketing Automation with AI-Driven ChatbotsNagarajan Madhavan, Senior Staff Engineer at Intuit Inc., will explore innovations in AI chatbots and discuss how they improve user experience, automate responses, and effectively handle inquiries.

How can we use AI technology to improve understanding of customer behavior, optimize marketing automation campaigns, or achieve better results? Anusha Yella, Principal Software Engineer at AT&T, will answer these questions and many more. In her presentation, AI-Driven Insights: Enhancing Marketing Strategies and Automation, the speaker will share practical techniques and compelling real-world examples, showing the value of artificial intelligence in marketing efforts.

Mautic - more than marketing automation

An interesting topic line in the program is the non-obvious ways of using Mautic. Several sessions will allow us to see how this tool goes far beyond marketing automation.

So, the first presentation in this vein that caught our attention is Mautic as an event platform. Speaker József Keller, CTO at Friendly Automate, will show the practical application of Mautic as an event approval and reporting platform. The session's content will be supported by a real implementation example for an international Pharma company.

The talk Introducing Free Plugins for Supercharging Mautic's B2B Capabilities also promises to be interesting. Ekkehard Guembel, a Mautic enthusiast from Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing and Community Team Lead, will discuss how to turn the tool into an account-based marketing platform. The speaker will present a set of free plugins for Mautic (with examples of how to use them), such as company segments, tags, and lead scoring.

The technical side of Mautic

Every year, the participants of this online conference look for topics that will allow them to discover the technical aspects of Mautic, learn tips on combining the tool with other systems, or conduct a successful implementation. And also this time, there are plenty of such sessions on the agenda.

Jan Linhart's presentation entitled Deploying Mautic with Docker Compose promises to be exactly in this topic area. The speaker and Software Engineer at Acquia will check, in front of participants' eyes, what options are available for developing Mautic and how we can improve it. He’ll bring back the Docker Compose tool in his session.

Another lecture that will give informative technical solutions is the one by Patrick Jenkner (trainee in data and process analysis). The presentation Automatically test Mautic with Codeception will help you understand that regular testing is the best way to be sure that every part of a Mautic instance is working correctly. The speaker will introduce the Codeception tool, which we can use for automated testing in the browser.

An essential point in the program is also a presentation aimed at people starting their adventure with the Mautic platform. Oluwatobi Owolabi, Lead of Mautic Meetup Lagos, in a session titled Beginner's Guide to Troubleshooting Mautic will help new users understand how they can deal with issues encountered while working with the tool. 

The Droptica team at Mautic Conference Global 2024

The presentations listed in this article are just a snippet of what will be happening this July 10-11 at the online conference. For details, check out the Mautic Conference Global 2024 agenda. This year's program is packed with sessions on a variety of topics, such as technical solutions, marketing strategy, AI, and more, so no one will be bored.

Mautic Conference Global 2024 was attended by Grzegorz Bartman and Daiji Kimura of Droptica.

This is how it was at the Mautic Conference Global 2023 edition; pictured are Daiji Kimura and Grzegorz Bartman

Get on the rocket speeding towards the event with us to discuss and soak up knowledge with the engaged Mautic community. At Droptica, we've been offering Mautic services for years so that we couldn't miss this event. We’ll participate in the conference as a Bronze+ sponsor – we’re eager to learn about new functionalities, and tips from specialists from all over the world and give a virtual high-five to other enthusiasts of the tool!