About Us Page – Best Examples and Elements to Include on Such a Page

Many people don't pay much attention to the about us page. Meanwhile, more and more customers want not only to purchase a product or service but also to become part of a certain community related to the brand. Today, people make purchase decisions not only on the basis of the competitiveness of the offer but also under the influence of their knowledge about a given company. Our article will show you why you should have an about us page and what it may contain.

Why is it worth creating the about us page?

In many cases, about us pages turn out to be dead ends. They only contain a short and often ill-considered brand description that isn't able to engage the reader. This is a place on a website that is dedicated not to selling but to building and strengthening customer relationships. It may have various names – sometimes in the main website menu such page is listed as About us, other times it's History, About the company or even Get to know us. In this place, we write about the company itself, as well as what is characteristic for it (industry, goals, values, or team), so as to best present it to the user visiting the company website.

The history of our brand can be told in many ways. Some basic information that should be included on an about us page is the name of the company, the industry within which it operates, and the mission it's guided by. However, you can use many different elements to help you present your story, and their selection should depend, e.g., on the additional functions that your about us page is to perform.

What are the functions of the about us page?

The main function of the about us page is to present the brand. Some companies, however, design the subpages of their website to perform multiple functions, complement each other, or even repeat some key information to make sure that the user finds it.

The about us page can therefore not only present the team but also act as a contact page. You simply need to include data such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of individual employees, a contact form, or a button redirecting to a contact subpage.

The about us page may also answer many of the questions about the company that are sometimes put in the FAQ. You should keep in mind, however, that the FAQ page covers the issues related to the company's operations much more broadly, so it's worth linking to it.

There may be many buttons on the about us page - redirecting to newsgroups, other subpages, or social media. Therefore, it performs a navigational function. A well-designed page that tells the brand's story may also offer a lot of potential to specialists managing the promotion of your company. If you publish interesting content on this type of page, they'll be able to link to it in company image campaigns.

What elements should the about us page contain?

Just as there are several key elements to a business website, there are several important components to the about us page.

Mission or motto

As consumers, we want the brands whose services and products we use to represent something more than just business aimed at generating profit. It doesn't have to be about saving the whole world. If you work in the entertainment industry, you may write that your goal is to make people happy. And if you operate in the catering or food industry, your company's mission may be to discover new flavors. Show your clients that you run your business with passion. Share your company's philosophy if you think that it's a distinguishing feature or present the values that guide your business operations.

Your story

Storytelling has become a popular technique used in brand image creation. The about us page is a place where you can spin your story. Many companies make the mistake of describing everything that happened in the company year after year. Keep in mind that you're writing a story, not an encyclopedia. Make reference to important events thabsite/?__hstc=30832416.7fb8e15dbc9a3t have changed and shaped your organization. The story doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be a wall of text. You can use various forms of communication: animations, graphics, videos, and audio files.

Information about the team

It's good to present at least some of your employees: show their faces, provide their names and surnames, and (if they are responsible for customer service) enter their contact details. This includes presenting potential clients with the human face of your brand. After all, the company is made up of passionate people and recognized specialists. Combining their image with your company's image can help warm your clients towards your brand.

Certificates and testimonials

You may support the values you’ve listed and the story you tell with the testimonials of your clients and partners. Nothing has a better effect on a potential client than feedback from those who have already benefited from your offer. You can put the opinions in the form of a carousel so that the user can check some of them out. It's also worth publishing information about the awards won, cooperation with large brands, or certificates.

Contact details

This is where repeating certain information found in several places within the website is acceptable. There's nothing wrong with providing some contact details on the about us page. If you don't want to do it for some reason, think about how to integrate into the project a button that'll take the user to the contact page.

Social media icons

If the about us page impresses the users, there's a high probability that they'll want to further explore your brand. Adding social media icons increases the chance that users will follow you on multiple communication channels. Thanks to this, they'll see more of your content and maybe even interact with your other recipients, becoming part of the community built around your brand.


You can devote a separate page to news, but it's also worth to consider putting such a section on the about us page. This will allow you to refer here not only to the history of the brand but also to the current events in the company life. It can be a dynamic section with teasers that the client will check out if they are interested.

About us page – business examples

These types of pages may have different functions and names (e.g., History or About the company), but they have one thing in common – they strive to best describe the brand and what is important to it.

1. No Fluff Jobs

The page of the No Fluff Jobs recruitment agency, operating within the IT industry, has its own individual style, which can be seen not only in the characteristic "cosmic" graphics but also in the layout of the content. Although there's a lot of text here, the reader doesn't feel overwhelmed, and this is primarily due to the well-thought-out design in which the content is interwoven with graphics.

At the very beginning, there's the mission – revolutionizing the IT recruitment market. When learning about the values important to the brand, you can also immediately see the fields (programming languages, frameworks) within which the company operates. In this way, entrepreneurs are able to immediately find out if the company has experience in acquiring the types of candidates they are looking for.

The brand's history is presented in the form of a timeline, in which the given year of the brand's existence is briefly described using concise slogans. You quickly learn how the company has developed over the course of approximately eight years. Below, the recipient sees a handful of interesting statistics on the expectations and needs of IT employees. The first button also appears, by using which you can download a report. There's also a podcast section on the about us page that can be accessed with just one click and a photo gallery presenting the team. To sum up, the No Fluff Jobs about us page provides users with a lot of interesting content.

The No Fluff Jobs about us page uses a timeline to present the brand's history


2. Blue Apron

The website of the Blue Apron company, providing supplies and home cooking recipes, is quite complex. The about us page is called here Our Vision because this is where the brand describes what's important to it and what values it follows. Blue Apron focuses on communicating with the customer and their expectations instead of focusing on itself.

There are no extensive descriptions of the company's history on the Our Vision page. Instead, there's a video in which the brand explains its inspirations and the way it operates. From just two short paragraphs, a few headlines, and one infographic, we learn what values the brand delivers to its client and what it considers to be important. The information about the quality guarantee from Seafood Watch was sneakily put in the graphic element. There are also buttons that take the user to other sources. The concise page ends with a CTA button encouraging the visitor to create an account and join the group of the brand's clients.

Blue Apron's about us page shows the customer how they benefit from their philosophy


3. Ocean Park Swimwear

The strength of the Ocean Park Swimwear's about us page is the use of a casual style of expression and humor. The brand's creator freely uses storytelling and tells the user a coherent, engaging story about how, as a windsurfer, she was looking for a suitable, comfortable outfit, but she couldn't find a suitable product on the market. This problem inspired the story's heroine to set up a company in which she designs and tests surfing clothing. Other surfers don't have to struggle with finding the right outfit, thanks to her products.

The Ocean Park's about us page includes the personal history of its creator


4. Smart Passive Income

SPI, or Smart Passive Income, a brand founded by Pat Flynn, offering online courses, makes good use of headings and text boxes. Their arrangement on the about us page brings to mind a newspaper page, and the grey background deepens this impression. The hero section explains in a few words what the company does and what values it follows. The values are described in more detail further down this page.

The page features photos of the team and the founder, showing the brand's human face. Testimonials also appear here, this time related to the product (the founder's book). In this case, not following the rule of not putting products on this type of page doesn't disturb the visitor because there's only a single product, and it clearly refers to the elements located above it. The photo of the founder of the brand and the product (his book) are graphically linked by an arrow. The brand's partners are also mentioned, which increases its credibility. Several CTA buttons are used on this page, allowing the user to conveniently explore the content.

The Smart Passive Income about us page features a complex story of the founder and his achievements


5. Giphy

The page starts with a brief explanation that the Giphy brand focuses... not only on producing gifs. Then, its possibilities were emphasized. In the further parts of the page, the company uses what it is best at. The about us page is enriched with more and less crazy animations, which draw the attention and make the user wonder what they'll be surprised by in a moment. The brand not only provides users with entertainment but also presents its works.

An interesting idea is to put the news section on the about us page.Giphy enables the curious reader to find interesting content with just a single click. On the about us page, the brand also shares its philosophy, emphasizing that it finds the people who are part of this community to be the most important. All elements of the philosophy and numerous values mentioned as being important to the company are juxtaposed with funny gifs. Below, the team is presented with the use of graphics. By clicking the button placed further down, you can go to the page devoted exclusively to the creators and their works.

Giphy constructed an about us page from its flagship product - GIFs


Best about us page examples - summary

You can adopt many interesting approaches on your about us page to grab the attention and engage your potential clients. Think about what goals you want to achieve by telling the user about your brand and which of the abovementioned elements of a website may help you with this. We'll be happy to support you in designing a one-of-a-kind about us page based on the versatile Drupal.

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